10 Cheapest Flights from Los Angeles to Europe

Planning a European vacation? Save on the journey by checking out this list of the 10 cheapest flights from Los Angeles to Europe!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Taking Los Angeles locals to the cool cities of Scandinavia, the romantic waterways of Venice, the sunny strips of Barcelona and Spain's Costa Brava, the bubbling bars and hot springs of Budapest in the east and the mountain-shrouded cityscape of Zurich, this selection of the top 10 cheapest European destinations on offer from LAX is nothing if not eclectic! It's also accurate, having been made using the latest statistics and aggregate averages from Hopper's big data research tool, which means all the prices shown here are approximately what would-be travelers can expect to pay on each of the routes. See you in Europa!

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10. Fly from Los Angeles to Milan, Italy for as low as $763 round trip

Much to the delight of Los Angeles' fashionista crowds, tickets into the Gucci, Prada and Versace powerhouse of Milan just squeeze their way onto this selection of the 10 cheapest on offer from LAX overall, touting an average price tag of just $763 round trip. Unfortunately there are no nonstop connections currently available between the two cities, and passengers will need to look to routes on flag carrier Russian Aeroflot via Moscow for the best deals going.

9. Fly from Los Angeles to Venice, Italy for as low as $756 round trip

A patchwork of winding canals and cobblestone streets, arched bridges and gliding gondolas, sweet-smelling pizzerias and candlelit restaurants, all set to the chatter of masked balls and the rolling swells of the Adriatic Sea, Venice is unquestionably one of the most romantic and enthralling cities in all of Italy. For Los Angeles locals looking to check off this bucket list topper this year, indirect flights into town on Russian Aeroflot will cost just around $756 round trip, going via Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport.

8. Fly from Los Angeles to Athens, Greece for as low as $748 round trip

Unfortunately for any Californians eager to lose themselves between the ancient rises of the mighty Parthenon, the mouth-watering tavernas of the Athenian Plaka and the sun-kissed isles of the Aegean Sea further afield, there are currently no nonstop connections running between Los Angeles and the Greek capital. That said, indirect tickets can be a real bargain, with seats on routes via Munich with award-winning German flag carrier Lufthansa selling for around just $750 round trip!

7. Fly from Los Angeles to Stockholm, Sweden for as low as $744 round trip

The first of our picks to transport California locals to the wild reaches of Scandinavia places fliers on the cusp of the Stockholm archipelago, within easy reach of both the historic sites of the Gamla Stan and the beautiful islands on the Baltic Sea. Connections into the city's Arlanda Airport are the seventh cheapest to Europe from LAX overall (costing just around $744 on average), with low-coster Norwegian Air Shuttle coming out on top for both nonstop and indirect routes.

6. Fly from Los Angeles to Oslo, Norway for as low as $738 round trip

Los Angeles locals may want to don their horned helmets and plait their beards for a trip to Oslo this year, because oodles of Viking history awaits between the famous Ship Museum and the wild fjords of the north. And while the Norwegian capital may not be known as the cheapest city on the continent, these bargain flights into the town's Gardermoen International for just $738 round trip (going nonstop on Norwegian Air Shuttle) will surely help save some krone on the journey!

5. Fly from Los Angeles to Copenhagen, Denmark for as low as $706 round trip

The cheapest Scandinavian destination currently serviced by flights departing out of LAX, and the fifth cheapest European destination on offer from the airport overall, comes in the form of Danish Copenhagen — a city of swish bars, crumbling fortresses, regal palaces and fascinating museums. While travelers can expect to pay around just $706 for return trip flights into town, the real bonus of this one is that the best priced seats are all nonstop, going on Norwegian Air Shuttle and taking just over 11 hours from departure to arrival.

4. Fly from Los Angeles to Madrid, Spain for as low as $664 round trip

Forget the coastal strips of Venice Beach, because the bustling Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor of Madrid await travelers out of LAX this year, lined with majestic baroque palaces and awash with makeshift sangria drinking dens and more street entertainers than you can shake a steaming plate of Valencia paella at! Expect to pay in the region of $664 for round trip flight tickets into town, with the cheapest seats going on Russian flag carrier Aeroflot via the Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow.

3. Fly from Los Angeles to Budapest, Hungary for as low as $663 round trip

A town of lively beer bars, steamy sulfur baths, soaring castle complexes, riverside fish markets, and bubbling goulash broths laden to the brim with earthy paprika spices and Hungarian meat cuts, Budapest is the perfect place to begin a tour of Eastern Europe this year. For travelers out of Los Angeles International Airport, flights into the capital will cost just around $663 round trip, with seats on Russian Aeroflot selling for the cheapest overall.

2. Fly from Los Angeles to Zurich, Switzerland for as low as $661 round trip

For Los Angeles locals pining to trade the sun-kissed peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains and the sizzling beaches of Orange County for some snow-tipped summits and powdery ski fields this year, these connections into the well-to-do town of Zurich are the perfect choice. Not only will they drop passengers within easy reach of the French Alps and the acclaimed slopes of Austrian Ischgl and Arlberg, but they'll only cost around $661 round trip when going indirect on Aeroflot Russian Airlines.

1. Fly from Los Angeles to Barcelona, Spain for as low as $659 round trip

With the sunny beaches of the Costa Brava, the high-fashion shopping strips of Sitges, and the mind-boggling curiosities of the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and the Casa Mila, Barcelona is a city laden with interest for South Cali locals who love their culture, coastline and retail therapy. What's more, it's also the cheapest European destination on offer from Los Angeles this year, boasting average ticket prices of just $659 round trip when going indirect on Russian airline Aeroflot.

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