10 Tips to Find Cheap Flights from Toronto to Las Vegas

Follow these 10 tips from Hopper to find cheap flights from Toronto to Las Vegas and you could save up to CAD$321 per round-trip ticket!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Toronto city dwellers have a notably higher cost of living than Las Vegas locals, which means that Torontonians vacationing in Las Vegas may well be pleasantly surprised by the prices in the city. Of course, whatever savings vacationers might make on restaurants and drinks, they'll likely want to invest in some of the city's extravagant recreational activities – whether of the gambling, theatrical or musical variety. The many tourist attractions on offer in Las Vegas don't come cheap, so saving on the flight between Toronto and Las Vegas can really make a difference to the vacation experience. So, travelers looking for cheap flights from Toronto to Las Vegas can save a few dollars for debauchery by following these simple rules when booking their flights.

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1. The cheapest day to fly from Toronto to Las Vegas is on a Tuesday, saving up to CAD$57

Tuesday is the best day to embark on your Las Vegas adventure from Toronto. It gives travelers almost a full week to enjoy the festivities, take a tour to the Grand Canyon or grab a cheap seat at a mid-week show. The weekends really heat up in Las Vegas, so a few days to relax and get some sightseeing in before falling victim to the weekend crowds and Saturday night depravity might just be a great idea, and not just for the money you'll save...

2. Save up to CAD$63 by returning on a Wednesday

Alternatively, if you extend your weekend getaway a bit and (begrudgingly) return to work on Wednesday, you can save up to CAD$63 on your round-trip ticket. And you'll still have a few days left to recover from your trip before unleashing the partying skills you learned in Las Vegas to the unsuspecting Torontonians the following weekend.

3. The cheapest day to buy a flight from Toronto to Las Vegas is on a Tuesday, saving up to CAD$12

This one's easy to remember: Book on a Tuesday and depart on a Tuesday. It's not only the cheapest day to leave Toronto for Las Vegas but it's also the best day to hunt down the greatest bargain – and a tempting ticket to Las Vegas is a sure-fire way to combat the impending midweek slump. Of course, up to CAD$12 isn't a huge savings, so for the less well-prepared among us there's not much cause for concern if you procrastinate until the weekend.

4. The cheapest time to book a flight from Toronto to Las Vegas is 14 days in advance, saving up to CAD$135

Less well-prepared travelers needn't worry if they leave things a little late; up to two weeks before departure, prices are pretty steady in and around the CAD$488 mark, with little variation. But around 10 days before your departure date prices for a Toronto to Las Vegas flight begin to rise, and a week before departure there's a notable jump in prices – expect to pay around CAD$651 if you plan to book a last minute flight on the day of departure.

5. The cheapest time to fly from Toronto to Las Vegas is in August or September, saving up to CAD$54

It's good news for Torontonians hoping to get the most out of those waning summer evenings; August is the cheapest month to fly to Las Vegas from Toronto. August and September are two of the most popular months for weddings in Canada, so those hoping to get away for a sneaky stag or bachelorette party close to the big day have the perfect excuse of cheap flights at just the right time! Spring break fever takes over in May, when the cost of a Toronto to Las Vegas round-trip flight is at a premium.

6. Fly out of Toronto Pearson (YYZ) for the best deals

If the savings are good, it might be practical for Toronto locals to look at flights out of Hamilton, which is under an hour away. But in this case, conveniently enough for the big city dwellers, Toronto Pearson has better deals to Las Vegas than any of the nearby airports. In fact, flights from Hamilton (YHM) to Las Vegas are typically over CAD$217 more expensive than those from YYZ.

7. Air Canada has the cheapest direct flights from Toronto to Las Vegas

Sunwing, WestJet and Air Canada all fly direct on the Toronto to Las Vegas route, but Air Canada comes out on top as the most reasonably priced of the lot. Although WestJet has typically proven to be more efficient than its competitor in terms of time-keeping, WestJet's most popular deals on this route come in at around CAD$54 more than those of Air Canada. Sunwing is a little cheaper than WestJet. Hidden costs on luggage and seat reservation can always push up ticket prices, so be sure to check Hopper's airline fees calculator before making the final decision on your airline of choice.

Airlines offering direct flights from Toronto to Las Vegas:
- Air Canada makes the journey in 5 hours for CAD$484 round trip, on average.
- Sunwing makes the journey in 3 hours for CAD$516 round trip, on average.
- WestJet makes the journey in 3 hours for CAD$551 round trip, on average.

Airlines offering connecting flights from Toronto to Las Vegas:
- American makes the journey in 7.5 hours via Chicago, Dallas or Los Angeles for CAD$441 round trip, on average.
- US Airways makes the journey in 7.5 hours via Charlotte for CAD$446 round trip, on average.
- United makes the journey in 7 hours via Chicago or San Francisco for CAD$477 round trip, on average.

8. Frequent fliers on Air Canada can use 25,000 miles to book a round-trip ticket

Air Canada's Aeroplan allows regular Canadian fliers to get the most out of a great deal by using their miles to book their ticket between Toronto and Las Vegas. The Aeroplan is one of the more generous loyalty plans among Canada's airlines, with extensive flight rewards and no blackout period. If you're a Canadian who enjoys a good deal and plans to fly regularly in North America, Air Canada offers a useful way to make serious savings long term.

9. Check out Hopper's When to Fly and Buy Reports for up-to-date information

To present an accurate Toronto to Las Vegas report, Hopper's experts have compiled information on over 1.5 million round-trip prices from airfare searches between each month. Demand is currently stable, but to get the most recent and detailed information check out the When to Fly and Buy Report before booking.

Check out Hopper's latest when to fly and buy report for flights from Toronto to Las Vegas for up-to-date information

10. Keep in mind that a cheap flight from Toronto to Las Vegas is about CAD$465 round trip

When doing everything right – flying at the cheapest time, booking on the best day and well in advance – travelers can expect to get a decent deal around the CAD$465 mark for a direct return flight between Toronto and Las Vegas. The very cheapest prices found by Hopper's experts came in at around CAD$412, while the reasonable prices fell in the CAD$456-$521 range for direct flights. As current prices stand, the well-prepared traveler shouldn't expect to spend over CAD$543 on direct Toronto to Las Vegas flights.

Distribution of economy round-trip prices quoted for nonstop flights from Toronto to Las Vegas. Great deals are the best 10% of prices, good deals are the top 25% of prices, and average deals are the best 50% of prices found in flight searches.

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