10 Unexpectedly Great Deals on Flights from Miami

Miami residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to flights to exotic and interesting holiday destinations on the cheap. Check out some of the best deals here.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Sometimes the sultry heat, heady clubs, tropical storms, seething crowds and downright flamboyance of Florida’s Miami can get just a little too much — even for the locals. When it does, Miami locals would do well to look to their international air hub, lurking on the city’s western peripherals between the streets of Dade County. From here, more air connections to Latin America and the Caribbean depart that from any other North American airport, while other carriers transport fliers to far flung destinations across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Here’s a selection of the top 10 flight deals out of Miami that we think will wow passengers this year with their price and interesting holidaying potential.

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10. Fly American to Marrakech, Morocco, for only $926 round trip

Photo by Grand Parc - Bordeaux, France/Flickr.

Take the opportunity to lose yourself amidst North Africa’s most romantic cityscape; winding between the shouting salesmen and dusty makeshift stalls of the Moroccan bazaars and dusty medina buildings that pepper the Marrakech old town; sitting for steaming, clay-pot tagines beneath the arabesque apses of a rooftop Berber bistro; lounging on the opulent sofas in the babbling courtyards of mysterious riad houses. All for just $926 return on indirect flights from Miami International this fall.

9. Fly Avianca to Montevideo, Uruguay, for as low as $782 round trip

Photo by Alejandro Dagnino J./Flickr.

For most international travelers heading into Uruguay, the throbbing, bubbling cityscape of Montevideo on the country’s southern cusp will be both gateway and introduction — its lively beach towns, quaint colonial center and soaring skyscrapers acting as something like the perfect microcosm of the Latin country as a whole. Lucky passengers out of the Miami International Airport can enjoy all Montevideo has to offer this year, with some flights on the cheapest carriers (check United, Copa, and American Airlines) coming in at just $1,075 return!

8. Fly LAN to Santiago, Chile, for only $757 round trip

Photo by alobos Life/Flickr.

Between the soaring Andean peaks that shroud Chile’s capital from the east and the bubbling yellow-sanded beaches of Vina del Mar that run along the country’s coastal spine to the west, there are ski fields, hiking routes and dramatic scenery aplenty here for even the most demanding of outdoorsy traveler, not to mention enough beaches to sate the appetite of the even hungriest of Miami locals. The cheapest round trip flights from Miami International Airport to Santiago this year are connecting with LAN and Avianca, while both American Airlines and LAN fly direct routes regularly.

7. Fly XL Airways to Paris, France, for as low as $777 round trip

Photo by Moyan_Brenn/Flickr.

The carved facades of Notre Dame; the soaring white domes of bohemian Montmartre and the Byzantine Sacré Cœur; the sprawling exhibitions of the Louvre; romantic burgundies by the Seine; leafy parks in the Latin Quarter; loved-up poets on the benches of the Jardin du Luxembourg — all this can be yours for just $777 this year, flying on a direct route with French-based international carrier XL Airways France, or even a slightly more costly connection with a whole host of other national flagship airlines. Vive la France!

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6. Fly Swiss to Istanbul, Turkey, for only $893 round trip

Photo by Moyan_Brenn/Flickr.

If you’ve tired somewhat of the Cuban samba joints of Little Havana, or are feeling out-of-touch in the winding queues of Miami Beaches’ super-clubs, then why not hop the Atlantic for a jaunt on the fabled hipster strips of Turkish Istanbul — a place where super-chic rooftop bars rub shoulders with boho-tavernas and the people are famed for their unfailing all-night hedonism. Flights to the city’s Ataturk Airport this year cost around just $893 return, with the cheapest fares offered by Swiss International Air Lines.

5. Fly Jetairfly to Brussels, Belgium, for only $672 round trip

Photo by Vainsang/Flickr.

Forget Cuban coffees and Jamaican rum cocktails, think dark, stormy beers brewed in the basements of Brussels’ old town drinking halls, or mouth-watering chocolate concoctions laden with sauces and draped over a fresh-pressed Belgian waffle. That’s right, these nonstop flights from Miami Airport to Brussels International will transport travelers right across the pond, to the enchanting Flemish capital of this European Low Country — all for a measly $672 return! Indirect connections are also available with a whole host of other carriers and the cheapest departures leave between September and January next year.

4. Fly Avianca to Quito, Ecuador, for only $552 round trip

Photo by Yassef/Flickr.

Like the fairy-tale spires of Orlando’s sprawling theme park complexes, there’s something undeniably enchanting about Ecuadorian Quito. That might be because of its UNESCO-attested middle, or maybe the dual volcanic calderas that shroud it on either side. Perhaps it’s simply because anyone who comes here to wander beneath the colonial facades and mist-covered mountains of the Andes simply can’t wait to go back. Whatever the reason, $552 this year gets travelers out of MIA a return trip ticket on a direct flight connection with Aviancato Quito’s Mariscal Sucre International. Perfect.

3. Fly Avianca to Cartagena, Colombia, for as low as $357 round trip

Photo by Ted's photos/Flickr.

Quintessential Latin America awaits any Miami local hopping across the Caribbean to the kaleidoscopically colorful city of Cartagena de Indias this year, where painted post-colonial facades lean over cobbled roads and the city’s quaint red-tiled roofs rub shoulders with the turquoise hues of the Caribbean Sea. Unfortunately the cheapest fares are largely available in the midst of the sultry summer low-season, while some lucky travelers might be able to grab bargain seats between late-November and the end of January.

2. Fly American to San Francisco for only $354 round trip

Photo by Images by John 'K'/Flickr.

While the cheapest flight connections from Florida’s southern cosmopolitan cityscape to California’s off-the-wall hippy hub tend to be on indirect routes with United Airlines via Chicago’s O’Hare International (coming in at around $339 return for departures in September and November), nonstop flights with American Airlines and Alaska Airlines are still widely available for under $400. Taking less than six-hours in the air, they are the perfect choice for Miami locals looking to sample the American west this year.

1. Fly Insel Air to Aruba for only $228 round trip

Photo by atomicshark/Flickr.

A long-time favorite of Miami locals looking to prolong their summer for a week or two, the
island of Aruba sits neatly to the south of the Atlantic hurricane belt — far from the monsoon storms and tropical cyclones that converge on the Florida Peninsula from September onwards and with a steady, pleasant year-round temperature that hovers in the low 80s. With flights going for just $228 return on a whole host of different carriers this year, it’s hardly surprising that departures to Oranjestad are looking a popular option out of Miami.

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