Five Great Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Destinations in the United States

Get out there and really enjoy your last night of freedom in one of these five cities.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

It’s possibly the most important party of your life; when the reins of youth and recklessness finally are cast off in one glorious (and often, dizzying) flurry of furious, unadulterated enjoyment. Some choose to mark the occasion with a bout of hedonistic drinking, others prefer the refined luxury of top-class spas and resorts. Still, others prefer contemplative getaways where the impending reality of life can be left to soak in slowly.

However, whatever you want from your bachelor or bachelorette party, you can be sure that the diversity and richness of the American continent has got you covered! From the debauchery-filled, high-rolling megaclubs of Las Vegas, to the quirky cocktail gardens of Louisiana’s New Orleans, here are five of the top spots to usher in your new life.

Portland: a party city with plenty for everyone!

Drop into the laid-back Ace Hotel of central Portland, where comfy living and canine friends espouse a super welcoming vibe. From here, head for a hearty lunchtime snack at the all-American burger bar, the cool and sophisticated Brunch Box, before hurtling off for Tuesday night karaoke or the weekday happy hour at the loud and proud Dixie Tavern the corner of Couch Street & 3rd. More refined palates can opt for the fine-dining Asian menu at Departure, meaning hedonists and foodies alike will find much to enjoy in Oregon’s most populous metropolis.

Make your own Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Photo by Snap Man/Flickr.

Bachelors and bachelorettes in, one of America’s best-loved and historic hubs of all-night partying, should plan their evening parties around the bubbling, neon-lit Bourbon Street, where glowing signs and gaudy paraphernalia give way to some of the best live music bars and drinking spots in the country. For boozing, don’t miss the French Quarter’s iconic Crescent City Brewhouse, or the regal gardens of the Bombay Club, where colorful cocktails pour from the bar. Food wise, be sure to check out Louisiana specialties at the Acme House, while luxury seekers will love the classic and grand Monteleone Hotel of the downtown, pool, spa and all.

Living the high life in Las Vegas, Nevada

Is it surprising that Las Vegas is on this list? The place is called Sin City, which means that those who are soon revoking their dance cards can get their last taste of freedom in the champagne-flowing clubs along the Strip. Nevada offers up some of the wildest partying spots on the continent, not to mention America’s best gambling joints. Visitors hit the glitzy Marquee Club, or the iconic MGM Grand Wet Republic, where 53,000 square feet of party territory awaits. But there’s daytime fun and many ways to ease the hangover come noon – spots like the Canyon Ranch Spa offering luxurious packages, or the Bali Hai golf resort present an altogether different sort of bachelor party vibe.

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Scintillating Miami and its well-rounded offering of bachelor/ette brilliance

Cool and suave Miami has long been a favorite American bachelor party destination, loved for its warm winters and wild offering of Carib-U.S. style after-dark joints, where rum cocktails run endlessly into the night. But, away from the mixologists of famous Mango Club, and the sprawling parties of Story and Cameo, the guys can opt to get dirty with some hard-core, deep sea fishing, while the ladies can get pampered at the world-renowned hair parlor, Blo. What’s more, at spots like the stylish beachside Clevelander Hotel, there’s rooftop gardens and superlative dining to suit any type of visitor, no matter what they’re after.

Austin makes a different kind of bachelor/ette party

In the capital of barbecues and live music, there’s a myriad of bachelor and bachelorette opportunities to be had; from sipping cold beer to the twang of a steel guitar in the famous Stubbs Bar to munching succulent Texan meat joints at the Franklin Barbecue Grill. Be sure to head down to the legendary 6th street, host to tons of local and national culture festivals like SXSW and general enclave of live music, relaxed beer drinking, and tons of food trucks. Don’t miss the spectacular sunsets over Lake Travel, all visible from the rooftop terraces of the Oasis Restaurant on Comanche Trail.

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