Four Great Attractions in Las Vegas for Sports Fans

See Hopper's picks for the best sports-themed attractions in Las Vegas, from places to watch the game, to driving race cars. Find photos, reviews and more.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Whichever sport you’re passionate about, a company in Las Vegas will have found a way for you to indulge in it. The city has some of America’s greatest public golf courses, oases of green grass amid the desert landscape. There are also a plethora of shooting ranges for experimentation with firearms. A variety of sports bars, from luxurious complexes to simple pubs, dot the streets, while tourists can race supercars on the famous Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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Learn to fly at Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Among many other things, Las Vegas was the first place in America where one could go "indoor skydiving" – which exists, despite the evident lack of sky. Visitors are taken into a padded wind tunnel and blasted into the air, where they are taught how to control and direct their levitating bodies. The experience takes about an hour in total, including training.

Choose between three beautifully designed golf courses at Las Vegas Paiute Golf Course

Paiute Golf Resort is home to three golf courses, backdropped by desert and red cliffs. They offer a range of difficulty levels, from the relatively straightforward Sun Mountain through to the challenging Wolf, the longest course in Nevada. All were carefully designed by the renowned course architect Pete Dye, and golfers will encounter a succession of interesting features.

Sport and excellent food come together at Lagasse's Stadium

This sports bar and book steps up the style on several fronts. It is named after its head chef, Emeril Lagasse, who plays inventively with typical sports bar food. The interior is cleverly designed, with amphitheater seating and over 100 screens, including an enormous one in the center. Lagasse’s Stadium must be among the most extravagant places in America to kick back and watch a game.

Speed in a racecar with the Richard Petty Driving Experience

The famous Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosts a number of NASCAR racing series. With the Richard Petty Driving Experience, visitors to Las Vegas can experience roaring round this same track in a supercar, at speeds reaching 150 mph. Packages offered include driving laps, riding alongside an instructor, and trying out different cars on courses designed to showcase their particular characteristics.

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