How Much of Flight Ticket Costs are Due to Taxes?

Hopper breaks down the cost of an airline ticket and shows just how much is due to taxes, fees and other surcharges.

Patrick Surry - Jan. 26, 2015

The United States Congress is currently debating the Transparent Airfares Act, which would "restore transparency to airfares" by allowing airlines to advertise their base fares and exclude the taxes, surcharges and fees that are now bundled into a complete price. Airlines are very much in favor of the act, as they can advertise lower fares, but travelers may find themselves suffering from a little sticker shock at checkout when fares are significantly higher than advertised.

In light of the debate, our research team here at Hopper has decided to take a look at the composition of airfares to see just how much of each ticket goes to things like taxes and surcharges.

Check out Hopper’s full report on airfare taxes over on our research blog, where we explain how up to $300 of an airline ticket can be due to taxes.

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