The 10 Cheapest Airports to Fly to in Asia

If you're up for flying to Asia, but unsure of your destination, Hopper compiled the 10 airports that are cheapest to fly into.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Before you lose yourself entirely to wanderlust—dreaming of those spicy Sichuan peppers, the balmy waters of the South China Sea, the pristine sands and postcard­-perfect beaches of the Philippines, and the enthralling energy of Bangkok and Seoul and Shanghai—there's something that needs to be done: Book flights. Once that's complete and dusted, feel free to fantasize to your heart's content about the wonders of Asia—but first, let's bag that bargain into town! To help out, Hopper have put together this line­up of the 10 cheapest airports for passengers to fly to on the continent; ones which have been found to have the lowest average airfare on routes connecting them with the United States.

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10. Seoul (Incheon International Airport)

For many Americans (particularly those lucky West Coasters) it's just a short hop across the Pacific Ocean to the buzzing capital of South Korea, which may go a long way to explaining why the city's Incheon International Airport slides nicely into tenth place on this list of the cheapest arrival points in Asia overall. Expect to pay in the region of just $919 for round­-trip flights into town, choosing from oodles of nonstop routes with carriers like Korean Air, Hawaiian Airlines and Delta Air Lines to name just a few.

9. Mumbai (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport)

Jutting its way out of the side of Maharashtra state, the sprawling economic nerve center of Mumbai is arguably the perfect place to begin your travels through the Indian sub­continent. For one, it's neatly perched midway between the majestic mountains of the Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand regions in the north, and the pristine beaches of Goa in the south, while Hopper have also discovered that it's a relatively budget-­friendly entry point to the country too, with the overall average flight price from the United States currently sitting at just $903 round trip!

8. Singapore (Singapore Changi Airport)

Too often do travelers skip sipping that ubiquitous Singapore Sling in the bars of the Raffles Hotel because of this city's infamous reputation for blowing budgets and then some! Well, no more say Hopper's expert flight team, who've discovered that connections from airports in the United States to the Singapore Changi Airport are currently enjoying one of the lowest average airfares of all, touting a round-­trip price tag of approximately just $896. See you on the promenade beneath Marina Bay folks!

7. Ho Chi Minh City (Tan Son Nhat International Airport)

With flight prices into the Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City from the United States currently sitting at an average of just $892 round trip, it's hardly surprising that upwards of one million people searched for flights to Vietnam's southern kingpin in the last four weeks alone! Once on the ground, travelers can opt to head for the shimmering beaches of Mui Ne and Hoi An to the north, the bobbing, floating markets of the Mekong Delta to the south, or even the mysterious temple complexes of Angkor Wat across the border in Cambodia to the west!

6. Taipei (Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport)

Whether you hit Taipei to lose yourself amidst the inebriating patchwork of skyscrapers topped by the Taipei 101 tower at the city's heart, or head out to the Taiwanese back-country for a spot of soul searching between the soaring ridges of the Taroko Gorge and the misty climes of mythical Mount Yushan, then you'll surely love to hear that the Taoyuan International Airport is currently the sixth cheapest arrival point in Asia for travelers out of the United States, boasting ticket prices in the region of just $885 round trip.

5. Guangzhou (Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport)

An estimated 56 million passengers currently pass through the departure halls and arrival lounges of the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport every year, making it the second busiest airport in the People's Republic overall, and unquestionably one of the busiest on the planet as a whole. And this one's superlative traits don't stop there either, because Hopper have discovered that it also touts the fifth cheapest average flight price for connections touching down in Asia from the United States! Nice.

4. Shanghai (Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport)

A vast and overwhelming megalopolis like no other on the planet, Shanghai rarely fails to make its mark on travelers. There are soaring skyscrapers above, throbbing street markets below, pulsating super clubs all around and ancient hutong houses still holding their own for the historic dynasties of this mythical land. Oh, and then there's the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, which lurks just to the west of the city center and boasts an average flight price on routes from the United States of just $876 round trip.

3. Manila (Ninoy Aquino International Airport)

Manic Manila is one darn thriving and electrifying stop­off in Southeast Asia. Ramshackle markets and shop fronts issue a cacophony of haggling onto the streets around Escolta; students chatter between the institutions of Sampaloc; Santa Cruz echoes with the calls and smells of a truly historic Chinatown and ancient Spanish treasures pepper the streets of Intramuros. And aside from being a chocolate box of treats for the intrepid traveler this year, the city is also a relatively cheap option to fly into, with flights to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport costing an average of just $872 round trip.

2. Beijing (Beijing Capital International Airport)

If you've got wonders like the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall of China on your bucket list this year, then there's arguably no better place to start than by booking flights to touchdown on the runways of the Beijing Capital International Airport. Not only will they place you just 20 miles away from the beating heart of the city, but—with an overall average ticket price of just $870—should also cost considerably less than flights entering china at other airports.

1. Hong Kong (Hong Kong International Airport)

The home of one of the planet's most acclaimed airlines—four time Skytrax World's Best Airline Award winner, Cathay Pacific—and the gateway to the throbbing metropolis of Hong Kong, this bustling airport on the edge of Chek Lap Kok Island currently serves in excess of 60 million passengers annually! That means it's not only the cheapest arrival point on offer to American travelers hitting Asia (with an average ticket price of just $792 round trip), but also one darn good place to catch connecting flights right across the region.

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