The 10 Longest Non-Stop Flights from Boston

Want to get out of Logan? Check out the 10 longest non-stop flights from Boston and you could be halfway around the world by lunch!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

With year over year increases in the amount of passengers passing through its departure lounges, evermore transatlantic traffic on already-established routes from across the Pond and brand new connections with Asia and the Middle East being added to the roster regularly by both flag carriers and independents alike — from Japan Airlines, to Copa and Hainan — it's easy to see why New England's biggest air hub now fields more long haul flights than ever before.

So, if you find yourself pining for the world's exotic reaches, or eager for adventure and exploration in the furthest flung destinations possible, then be sure to check out this list of the longest non-stop flight connections from Boston's Logan International this year.

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10. Boston to Amsterdam on Delta is 3447 miles and 7 hours

Just when you thought Spring Break couldn't get any better, the folk at Delta Air Lines come at you with this attractive non-stop connection to the hedonistic city of Amsterdam, where backpacker pub crawls weave between the Flemish facades of the Red Light District, and cool evening jazz floats up from basement bars on every corner. Round-trip tickets on the route will cost passengers around $1,191 on average, but take a look at our when to fly and buy report to find the cheapest dates available.

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9. Boston to Frankfurt on Lufthansa is 3659 miles and 7 hours

Our ninth longest non-stop flight out of Boston transports passengers across the Atlantic, to the buzzing financial heart of the European Union, Frankfurt. The German flag carrier Lufthansa now offers return flights in the region of $1,186. Passengers can expect all the comforts of the airline's Boeing 747-400, complete with dual seat and bed arrangements on the plane's spacious upper deck.

8. Boston to Zurich on Swiss is 3734 miles and 7 hours

Next up, Swiss Zurich; a city of charming gothic spires and winding cobbled old town streets, set to one of central Europe's most dramatic backdrops of spiky Alpine peaks, distant snow-laden ski fields and shimmering mountain lakes. Fortunately for fliers out of Boston, travelers can hop on a direct flight straight from Logan International Airport — taking nearly seven hours from beginning to end and covering more than 3,700 miles around the globe!

7. Boston to Munich on Lufthansa is 3841 miles and 7.5 hours

Come and glug frothy Bavarian beers in the lively tents of Oktoberfest, carve trails through the Alpine ski fields nearby, wander between the pretty cafés of the English Garden or experience the heady nightlife of this, Germany's third largest city, hopping on one of these whopping 3,800-mile transatlantic connections with national flag carrier Lufthansa. Average return trip prices for passengers out of Boston's Logan International are around just $1,173, while members of the airline's Miles & More loyalty program may even be able to bag the trip for free!

6. Boston to Rome on Alitalia is 4082 miles and 8 hours

Between the ancient terraces of the Flavian Colosseum, the sprawling city parks of the Villa Borghese and Piccolomini, the bubbling piazzas fringed with Pantheon and Vatican alike, and the romantic hidden streets of Trastavere, it's easy to see why Boston locals may want to make the hop across the Atlantic this year to explore the Eternal City of Italy. The flights are no mean feat; arching their way over the Atlantic for more than 4,000 miles on the country's flagship airline Alitalia.

5. Boston to Istanbul on Turkish is 4817 miles and 9.5 hours

New Englanders listen up: Whether you flock to this massive metropolis sprawled out between Europe and Asia to party in the boho super-clubs that line the streets of the Beyoglu district, or just to wallow in the multicultural mix of people, faith, cuisine, architecture and language that has converged on old Byzantium for millennia, then these 9.5-hour flights from Boston's Logan International are the perfect ticket into town. Granted they may be a tad on the long side, but then they do cover more than 4,800 miles each way!

Turkish Airlines is on Hopper's list of airlines that offer free international stopovers, which makes connecting in Istanbul a very good option.

4. Boston to Dubai on Emirates is 6650 miles and 12 hours

Edging its way easily into fourth place comes the first of our 6,000-mile-plus connections out of Boston, taking passengers to the burgeoning, business-mad, development-crazy metropolis of Dubai. Granted the 12-hour flight time may seem a little daunting at first, but passengers would do well to remember that the route is run by the UAE's flagship carrier Emirates, who've been hailed as the best airline in the Middle East, received a number of prestigious Skytrax awards, and boast the best in-flight entertainment system in the world!

Emirates is on Hopper's list of the world's 10 best airlines. Find out which spot and see which others made the cut.

3. Boston to Tokyo on Japan Airlines is 6686 miles and 13.5 hours

A regular staple on lists of the most far flung destinations from the United States, 13-million-strong Tokyo blasts its way into the top three here with a whopping 6,686-mile distance from Boston. To put that in perspective, passengers leaving on the daily 13:20 connection with Japan Airlines from Logan International won't arrive in Tokyo until four o'clock the next day — allowing 13 hours for the flight and 13 hours for the whopping time difference too!

2. Boston to Beijing on Hainan is 6721 miles and 14 hours

Our not-so-coveted silver medal here goes to this connection from Boston to China's Beijing, which lasts nearly 14 hours from departure to arrival and covers a massive distance of over 6,700 miles. That said, passengers on the Hainan Boeing 787s will be carted on a dramatic route right over the North Pole, before descending back southwards through Siberia and northern China, helping to chop off huge swaths of the journey along the way. See, it's not as bad as it could have been!

1. Boston to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific is 7957 miles and 16 hours

With Cathay Pacific just launching this 7,957-mile connection to bubbling Hong Kong in 2015, it's possible that the longest flight Boston has to offer will be the next big thing among Massachusetts locals looking to travel somewhere a little different. Again, the Cathay Pacific route takes a trans-polar turn, offering up dramatic panoramas of the Arctic and the North Pole, before gliding through the soaring skyscrapers to Hong Kong International.

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