The Five Best Ice Cream Shops in Atlanta

Check out Hopper's picks for the top ice cream parlors and yogurt shops in Atlanta. These shops are perfect for cooling off on a hot Southern day.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

The "city in a forest", Atlanta has no shortage of shady tree-lined streets on which to keep cool during those hot summer months. Adding a special something to those sun-dappled summer strolls, Atlantans have perfected the art of a great ice cream. Whether you're planning a lazy lunch in one of the city's many stunning parks or dipping out of a high rise on a brief lunch break, a quality frozen delicacy is sure to be close by. There are gourmet ice creams for the more discerning dessert fan, ice pops for the young at heart or frozen yogurts for those who prefer a lighter sweet treat. With Atlanta's hearty, bold southern recipes extending to their ice cream recipes, Atlanta's ice cream lovers have a wealth of wild and wonderful flavors to choose from in these five best ice cream shops in Atlanta.

Get adventurous with flavor combinations at Morelli's Gourmet Ice Cream

A dense, creamy ice cream recipe provides the base for the daring recipes at Morelli’s. With three locations across the city – in Moreland, at the Dunwoody Center and the Edgewood Center – fans of the popular salted caramel can easily grab a cone on a whim. The house recipe here is of such a high quality that even the standard chocolates and vanillas are enough to draw a crowd, but foodies will be attracted by the wilder menu choices and inventive sundaes that change daily. A scoop of coffee and donuts, anyone?

DIY FroYo at Yogurberry

Yogurberry, tucked away in the Terminus building in Buckhead, is a charming pick’n'mix frozen yogurt setup perfect for those who want a reprieve from the sugary sweetness of Atlanta’s other scoop shops. Yogurberry serves up fresh frozen yogurt made in-house from natural, local ingredients. At its base, the yogurt is slightly tart and tangy without overwhelming the variety of fantastic flavours the team add to their FroYo daily. Yogurberry stands out from the crowd of frozen yogurt shops thanks to their fantastic selection of serve-yourself toppings – cereals, candies, fruits and more – with creative combos already on the menu for the indecisive among us. They offer thoughtful alternatives, too, like bubble tea and a delicious granola parfait that’s perfect for a naughty summer breakfast treat.

Authentic Italian ice cream at Paolo's Gelato Italiano

Paolo’s Gelato on Virginia Avenue is run by, as you might guess, the very talented and very Italian Paulo. This ice cream shop offers truly authentic Italian gelato (a lighter, softer ice cream with concentrated flavours) and Paulo is known for regularly experimenting with flavors so every trip here is a new adventure. The cozy ice cream parlour is packed with history – newspaper cuttings singing the store’s praises line the wall – and packed with a choice of about 10 fruity, creamy and nutty flavors daily. The violet and tiramisu come highly recommended. Want to make sure your fave is on the menu? The website allows you to sign up for weekly flavor updates.

Pop a mint chocolate at King of Pops

Gone are the days of freezing your own ice pops with store bought cola. These days, Atlantans can pick up a truly gourmet ice lolly wherever King Of Pops "pops" up. With a semi-permanent home at Georgia Tech Farmers Market, the King Of Pops team make like truly retro ice cream men with a truck that stops at changing locations across the city. For a tasty $3, thirsty city dwellers can choose from unique, thirst-quenching flavors like a Honeydew Grape pop while those who savor a sweet treat have epicurean options like the favorite coconut toasted almond pop.

Embrace your "outside the boxness" at Jake's Ice Cream

The self-consciously quirky Jake’s at Irwin Street Market can be forgiven for some not-so-explanatory, wacky flavor names – like "Chocolate Slap Yo’ Mama" and "Diesel Fuel" – thanks to their perfectly made, decadent scoops. You’ll need an appetite for Jake’s ice cream, as their thick, creamy dessert is choc-full of bits and pieces making each scoop a sundae in itself. Like the red velvet cupcake flavour, a truly cake-like, frosting-filled concoction. The fantastic and fantastical creations also include a "Joyscream" and "Nicescream", Jake’s trademark vegan ice cream made with your choice of coconut or almond milk.

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