The Five Best Nightclubs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a wild city, but not all of its nightclubs are created equal. Check out the five best nightclubs in Las Vegas to have a truly amazing time.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Sometimes it’s handy to have a reputation for being a cesspool of excess and hedonism – particularly when it comes to the nightlife. Everything is bigger, brighter, shinier and louder in Las Vegas, a fact none more apparent than after a walk around any of the many mega-clubs on the Strip. It’s a place where a shorter skirt could literally save a gal hundreds of dollars in drinks and cover; where interior decorating budgets could lift Liberia out of debt; where the word "hot" describes not just the air temperature of the dance floor, but also the lights, the dancers, the oontz-oontz-oontz pulsating out of the state-of-the-art stereo systems and "cool" is a drunken stumble into a murky neon pool followed by a quick yank out the door by an impossibly stoic bouncer.

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Pure fun, pure luxury, pure class, pure party at Pure

Hailed as the most beautiful nightclub in the world, this sleek and white 36,000 square feet nightclub in Caesar’s Palace is a regular go-to for celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, the Pussycat Dolls and the Kardashians – and who knows nightclubs better than those girls? Three DJs spin throughout this huge venue, with beats flowing over the rooftop patio overlooking the dazzling lights of the Vegas Strip. With regular celebrity-studded events and performers ranging from Pharrell to the New Kids On The Block, there’s always something new, fresh and hopping at Pure.

Discover the curves and moves of the human body at XS

XS is a top-tier Las Vegas nightclub sprawling over 40,000 square feet inside and outside the mall between Encore and the Wynn. Draped in gold, black and brown, with a 10-foot rotating chandelier the club’s design was inspired by the curves of the human body. The drinks aren’t cheap, but the décor, the hopping tunes (David Guetta and Avicii have each held residencies at this club), and its consistently high rankings make it a night to remember.

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Find inner peace at Tao. Or not.

One of the biggest and most famous mega-clubs in Las Vegas, there’s so much that goes on in Tao beyond the average clubbing experience. For one thing, the downstairs is an upscale restaurant that serves Peking duck and spring rolls. And the upstairs, all red and black with oriental-style archways, has specifically designated Voyeur models who wear almost nothing and spend the evening giving each other back massages, hanging in baskets, mostly covered by rose petals. Elevated platforms set the stage for sexy dancers, and the dance floor itself oozes with people (but in the sexy way, not like in a packed-subway-during-rush-hour way). One may not find zen at Tao, but they will find a pretty fun night and lots of skin.

Just downstairs, Tao Beach offers up one of Las Vegas' top five pool parties, according to Hopper, and a scintillating scene

Hot DJs, hot lights and hot librarians at Marquee

This three-level club plays host to the biggest names in the world – from Aviccii to Eric Morillo, Kaskade to Benny Benassi, all day and all night. At 60,000 square feet with seven bars, three main rooms all themed differently and an expansive outdoor area, there’s no question where the biggest party is. It’s one of the newer clubs; there’s a wall entirely covered with purple LED lights and photographic proof somewhere that Hove has, in fact, been there and sprayed champagne into a crowd of sweaty, scantily-dressed women each with their mouths hanging open. So if you find yourself in a tiny dress, lost among the overweight tourists on the Strip, direct your feet towards the Cosmopolitan, keep your eye on a giant space illuminated by purple and talk to the big guy at the front of the line.

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Anything goes at Krave Massive

Located in the third floor of the Neonopolis behind Planet Hollywood, the biggest gay club in the world rains foam and glitter over its blue, pulsating dance floor. The DJ spins top 40, house and hip hop while the go-go boys rock and grind onstage. One of the newer clubs in Las Vegas, Krave is currently in expansion mode, with plans to open an LGBT movie theater, Latin room and martini lounge in their proposed 80,000-square-foot space. Right now, however, visitors can still catch the tail of the Krave rainbow in their main dance room.

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