The Five Best Steakhouses in Las Vegas

Take a look at Hopper's picks for the five best steakhouses in Las Vegas. These places do meat, and they do it well. Some even have celebrity chefs!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

The steakhouses in Las Vegas are not for the faint of heart. From the high stakes table at the back of this carnivorous paradise, the big players all have a hand in the game. Colicchio, Batali, Ramsay, Puck, Mina - they're off the judging panels this time, and they've laid their best cuts out on the table for the adventurous diner. So what’s it going to be? Grade A American sirloin licked by the flames of Hell’s Kitchen, or Batali’s family-style Italian offerings? How about American Kobe beef three ways by Tom Colicchio, or an elegant rib-eye from at Wolfgang Puck’s joint? For a serious hunk of meat that suits your fancy, keep reading. Vegetarians need not apply for this one.

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At Carnevino in the Venetian, Batali’s got your beef

Celebrated TV chef, Mario Batali has made the hotel chophouse experience way more Italian in the Venetian. Drawing on the classic Italian steakhouse concept, the real stars at Carnevino are both the Carne – the meat – and the Vino – the wine. Their wine is primarily from Piemonte and Toscana and their meat is prepared any way you want it: not just in doneness (although, of course), but in the technique by which it’s cooked (or not). Dry-cured, or tartare – the chefs draw from traditional Italian and French practices to deliver their expert slabs of meat. Don’t forget to save some room for their desserts.

Who the hell would be this decadent? The diners at GRSteak in Paris Las Vegas.

The devil has set up a steakhouse in Sin City. That’s right, Gordon Ramsay has stepped out of Hell’s Kitchen and designed his own glowing neon red inferno next to the casino floor in Paris Las Vegas. And, yes, this will be joining his other two restaurants in Vegas - BurGR at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace - but he is ever-present at this one. When a diner orders Gordon Ramsay’s personal tasting menu, with personally selected items by Chef Ramsay, it comes accompanied with a complimentary personally signed photo of Chef Ramsay. His hands have inspired an installation light piece hanging on the ceiling of Gordon Ramsay Steak. So if you’re a Gordon Ramsay fan who happens also to enjoy steak and other similar foods, then check out GRSteak.

Dine at Wolfgang Puck's CUT in the Palazzo and find a steak that's simply a cut above

From a business standpoint, the bread basket is probably something any proprietor of a steakhouse can probably relax on. It’s there, and part of standard decorum, but no diner needs to carbo-load if they’re going in for a giant hunk of meat, so, the bread is, y’know, not a biggie. Wolfgang Puck brings out the platter: onion focaccia, country wheat, pumpernickel, pretzel rolls. Home-baked, served with a little pat of herbed butter. At CUT, located in the Palazzo, they do not slack off on anything, not even the bread. But the meat is grilled to marbled perfection, and with its selections of Wagyu Beef, Colorado Lamb chops, beef tongue, oxtail, rib-eye, sirloin, filet mignon and tartares, there’s certainly a cut for every kind of meat lover.

Kobe Beef and Tom Colicchio at CraftSteak at the MGM Grand

Is there anything that sounds more decadent that Kobe Beef Tartare? Think of the marbling on kobe, and the supple silkiness of a regular tartare. Mix them together in your mind. Now imagine a quarter pound of that on a plate, topped with an egg. That’s just the beginning, friend. There’s a whole family-style sharing spread of other courses offered in the Kobe Beef Tasting Menu at CraftSteak, Tom Colicchio’s Vegas steakhouse venture. Tom Colicchio, man! If anyone knows how a decent cut is supposed to taste, it’s absolutely going to be the head judge of Top Chef. And if there’s a perfect setting for this extreme decadence, it’s the illustrious MGM Grand. Are you salivating yet? Because you should be.

Try a steak like no other at Michael Mina's StripSteak in Mandalay Bay

Diners looking for a unique steak experience in the land of steakhouses should consider Michael Mina’s StripSteak in Mandalay Bay. Their style of steak frites includes duck fat fries done three ways and Wagyu Rib Cap. The sliders are foie gras, and they don’t make Mac’n’Cheese without topping it with truffles. And they’ve got their grilling technique down – first marinated in olive oil or bacon fat, then grilled on mesquite embers over an iron grill. Charred and flavourful on the outside, juicy and buttery on the inside.

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