The Five Longest Non-stop Flights from Calgary

If you're looking to get far away from Calgary, Hopper found you can't go wrong with these far-flung destinations.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

The city of Calgary plays host to the third­-largest international airport in the country. In fact, in 2014 an estimated 15.2 million passengers passed through the terminals at Calgary International, most no doubt eager to ride one of the many routes currently connecting the airport to destinations as far­-flung as Asia and as enticing as the historic heartlands of Europe. To see the most exotic of these destinations, be sure to check out the list below, which details the 5 longest nonstop flights on offer from airlines operating from the runways of Calgary.

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5. Calgary to Honolulu, on Westjet is 3,122 kilometers and 14 hours

It shouldn't be hard for Canadian locals stuck between the sub-­zero climes of snow-­covered Banff and Bow Valley to weather the first lengthy nonstop air connections to make our list. That's because these Westjet flights see passengers transported to the southern depths of sun-­kissed Honolulu, to where the shimmering sands of Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head and Kahanamoku are baked in the Pacific heat, and the vibrato of 1950s garage tunes serenade surfers on the cusp of Hawaiian waves!

4. Calgary to London, UK, on British Airways is 4,375 kilometers and 14.75 hours

Touting iconic Big Ben, the intriguing Tate Modern, the haunting profile of Battersea Power Station, and the quirky vintage shops of the East End, (not to mention more traditional English pubs than you can shake a country ale at), London remains one of the world's most visited cities. Canadians looking to hit the capital's streets should prepare themselves for a pretty lengthy crossing, with these nonstop flights from Calgary to London on British Airlines coming in as the fourth longest overall.

3. Calgary to Amsterdam on KLM is 4,462 kilometers and 15.5 hours

If you haven't yet gone to Amsterdam to get lost between the canals, the cultural institutions, the cobbled squares, the smoky jazz joints, and the masterwork-­peppered interiors of the Rijksmuseum, then 2015 is surely the year to hop aboard one of these colossal connections from Calgary to the heart of the European Low Countries. Okay, it may take 15.5 hours in the air, but Amsterdam awaits!

2. Calgary to Frankfurt on Air Canada is 4,685 kilometers and 15.5 hours

Connecting Calgary with one of the largest air hubs in all of Europe, these lengthy hops across the Atlantic Ocean are the perfect choice for travelers looking to catch onward flights to hotspots across the continent; from the bubbling baths of Budapest, to the secluded beaches of the Greek Aegean. What's more, with an average price tag of just CAD$1,427, passengers can rest assured they are getting plenty of bang for their buck—over 3 kilometers in the air for every dollar spent!

1. Calgary to Tokyo on Air Canada is 4,968 kilometers and 15 hours

Topping the chart here as the single longest nonstop air connection for fliers out of Calgary are these massive transpacific hops with flag carrier Air Canada, which go all the way to Tokyo, the fascinating, fast­-paced capital of Japan. Covering just shy of 5,000 kilometers in the air and taking a mega 15 hours in total, they offer the chance to stroll ancient temples in Asakusa, enthralling fish markets in Chuo, and super-chic shopping centers in Shibuya!

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