The Top Five Pub Crawls in Miami

Explore the epic Miami nightlife with the help of these five nightlife tours.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Pub crawls are not only a great way get familiar with the local drinkeries and a fun occasion to get dressed up and mingle with like minded party people, they’re also an economic way of navigating the heady waters of Miami’s nightlife (which can quickly become very costly). With a ticket, you get a built-in tour guide, an entourage, express entrance and at least a few free drinks. Sweet deal, right? Plus, is there ever a better party than Miami Beach? Whether you’re a seasoned club-goer, a lounger with a penchant for rooftop bars at sundown or a craft beer guy/gal, there’s certainly a Pub Crawl in Miami for you.

Be a sport with Miami Pregame Pub Crawl

Turn up the heat with the Miami Pregame Pub Crawl – and no, we’re not just talking about the basketball team, because it isn’t that kind of "game," although it’s not unlikely that pub crawlers might bump into some basketball players at some of the exclusive clubs that the organization is affiliated with. Twenty to 100 visitors get on this Pregame Pub Crawl for a stop at four or five bars for cheap drinks and bites before hitting an exclusive South Beach Club, announced on the night. The wristband allows visitors drink specials at the Liquor Lounge, Tequila Chicas, Playwright Irish Pub and more pubs and free cover and no wait in line at Cameo, Mansion, Mokal or Nikki Beach, depending on the night.

Pub Crawl Miami has the hook up to a cheap and fun night out

Pub Crawl Miami is the hook-up for a cheap night out in South Beach with a big entourage. The first destination is at an Ocean Drive beachside pub where hosts dole out free sunglasses, wristbands and free shots, before hitting three other local bars, and then a Miami megaclub, where crawlers can get in without a hassle or paying cover. The drink specials usually consist of either free shots or two-for-one shots, and all cover is included in the $20 ticket, which makes the Pub Crawl Miami not only and incredibly easy way to meet people and experience the Miami club scene, it’s also an extremely thrifty-without-feeling-thrifty night out.

Mingle and dance with World Crawl Miami

Want the all-inclusive experience? World Crawl Miami is just the ticket. The tour includes free drink tickets (at least two or three), food, express entrance and cover for four to six bars and clubs in Miami Beach. Ideal for solo or group visitors, the crawl begins with icebreaking party games at an intimate hotel bar, and ends at Mansion or Story Nightclub, two of the hottest mega-clubs on the scene. Expect up to a hundred international travelers, great conversation, everflowing liquid courage and – probably – sore feet from dancing.

Last Call Pub Crawl will have you going home well after closing

For around $20 (for context: less than the cover charge and around the same price as a drink), pub crawlers on the Last Call Pub Crawl get entrance to four bars and clubs, a free shot at each and happy hour specials all night. And these happy hour deals are the real deal, with half-off drinks or two-for-one specials. They offer two crawls – their South Beach crawls hit up Tequila Chica’s, Finnegan’s Way, Playwright and other undisclosed bars, while the Midtown crawl makes stops at Hurricane, Machiya, Mercadito and other bars.

Casual, diverse and chill beers with Out and About Crawl

More local than the heavy mega clubs sprinkled around SoBe, Coral Gables in downtown Miami is a diverse and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with around 140 restaurants and bars, gourmet shops and great shopping. Out And About Pub Crawl Tours tours visitors around this neighborhood, stopping at local pubs for pints. This is surely a beer-lover’s experience – each of the 4 or 5 pub stops offers at least one or two unique craft beers. Want to crawl the city in a laid-back, casual neighborhood one pint at a time without the dubstep bass drop blowing out your ears? Go Out and About.

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