Airfare Savings

Hopper Editors, Oct. 26, 2017

The 10 Worst Airline Fees

Anytime you fly, you're going to encounter extra fees. Hopper has compiled a list of the 10 worst fees charged by airlines to help you have an affordable flight.

Dara Continenza, Oct. 21, 2015

6 Super-Cheap Europe Trips for Winter

Hopper already told you that flight prices to Europe are at historical lows. Now we've gone and picked 6 cities where great deals on flights, hotels, and attractions can be found. Check them out!

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When Should I Buy My Holiday Flight?

When is the best time to buy your Christmas flight? The data science team at Hopper found out when you should buy, when you should fly, and how much you should be paying.

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Savings Alert: Cyber Monday Fare Sales Will Kick Off a Record Month of Savings

'Tis the season ... for cheap flights. Here's how to find a flight deal on Cyber Monday and beyond.

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Hopper's Top Tips for Last-Minute Thanksgiving Travel

Find out how much you're going to pay for that last-minute Thanksgiving flight (and some ways to save).

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The 5 Places You Should Fly This Summer

We looked at billions of flight prices to determine the best destination for your summer vacation. You're welcome, world. (Don't worry, we like doing it.)