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The Best Airlines in the United States

Which 9 U.S. carriers cracked Skytrax's World's Top 100 Airlines Awards? Read on to find out!

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10 Best Airlines in the World 2015

According to Skytrax, these 10 airlines are the best in the world for their service, staff, and route maps.

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5 Free Ways to Make Your Flight Better

Without the proper tools, flying can suck. Luckily, Hopper found five free ways you can stay comfy on a plane.

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Does Time of Day Matter When Booking Flights?

Hopper has found the answer to whether there's a best time to book a flight and if the time of day you book matters (and it's not what you may think).

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What Does the Euro Crisis Mean for Airfare to Greece?

Readers have asked us if Greece's uncertain future means cheaper flights and better bargains.

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WOW Air Now Offering Flights to Paris and Amsterdam for Less Than $400!

Hopper found out that WOW Air, the ultra-low-cost Icelandic carrier, is introducing new Europe flights from Boston and Baltimore ... and they're super cheap.