Hopper's Fair Bear helps you figure out the true cost of your flight

How much can extra fees impact that price of your flight? We looked at more than 4,000 trips currently being watched by Hopper users originating in the US.

Hopper Editors - Feb. 17, 2017

It's tough to figure out your true cost of flying because the airlines are increasingly "unbundling" their offerings. In addition to your base fare, there are lots of ancillary fees for things like ticket changes or cancellations, checked and carry-on baggage, seat assignment, in-flight food or beverages, and entertainment. According to recent studies, airline ancillary revenues reached a record-setting $67.4 billion worldwide last year so these fees are likely here to stay.

And, things are about to get more confusing. The three major domestic airlines are rolling out basic economy tickets which are great deal for no-frills fliers because they offer a super cheap base fare. However, these fares have also been called things like "misery class" and an "insult human dignity" because you can't change or cancel your flight, choose your seat, you'll board last and you can't use the overhead bins.

How much can these fees impact that price of your flight? We looked at more than 4,000 trips currently being watched by Hopper users originating in the US. For each trip, we checked an average of 180 available itineraries, about 800,000 in total, to analyze the median change, cancellation and baggage fees. Check out our findings in our new study.

Introducing Fair Bear

Hopper was founded on a belief the travel industry should be more transparent which is why today Hopper is introducing the Fair Bear!

Now when you're booking a flight on Hopper, you'll see the Fair Bear in the Trip Summary. Fair Bear will give you an overview of all the important stuff in the fine print. He'll even warn you and make suggestions if you select a basic fare with lots of restrictions. Fair Bear will you know about the policies and fees related to:

  • Flight cancellation

  • Flight change

  • Carry-on allowance

  • First Checked Bag Price

  • Second Checked Bag Price

  • Seat Selection

The Fair Bear is available today and Android and is being rolled out to iOS devices this week.

About Hopper

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