Introducing Hopper 3.0

Hopper Now Brings You Personalized Travel Tips & Deals

Brianna Schneider - Jul. 21, 2016

Hopper has been helping you save money on flights by providing price predictions for your trip with 95% accuracy and notifying you when it's the right time to buy your flight. There are lots of other ways you could save money on flights though.

We now have over 6 million users, and we discovered something interesting when we started analyzing our watch data. Over 50% of Hopper users have multiple watches set to the same destination with different date combinations or multiple watches set to different destinations for the same date pairs.

What that tells us is that a lot of you have flexibility with your dates or destination. We also keep hearing that you just want a way to discover amazing deals from your home airport so that you can book more spontaneous getaways.

Introducing Your Hopper Notification Feed

We're monitoring over two billion flight prices a day and sending over 12 million notifications a month so we'll be leveraging that data along with your activity in the app to provide personalized recommendations.

The Hopper notification feed is new to Hopper 3.0. Your notification feed will include updates about your current trips watches. It will also provide tips and recommendations that are tailored to your specific watches or searches. The bunny will let you know if you could snag a better deal by adjusting your dates or it will make a recommendation if a similar destination is on sale. Hopper will even alert you when there's a fantastic deal to a destination you love.

If you just want to scour for deals, the notification feed will also host updates on breaking fare sales and exclusive deals from your home airport. If you're interested in checking out a deal, you'll see a calendar with valid deal dates highlighted in green.

This release also includes a watch tab which features all of your watches and booked trips grouped by month so you can easily scan your trips.

The bunny is excited to be your personal travel agent and will learn more about your preferences as you interact with Hopper! Hopper 3.0 is available for iOS devices today and then will be rolled out to Android.

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