Introducing Hotels on Hopper

Hopper becomes one-stop shop for travel with first ever hotel price prediction service

Brianna Schneider - Oct. 24, 2017

It's an exciting day for us here at Hopper as we take our biggest step since unveiling the app two years ago and move beyond airfare predictions with the launch of accommodation predictions -- making Hopper a one-stop shop for travel.

We're taking all of the things you love about Hopper for flights -- guidance, reliability, easy-to-use mobile experience -- and bringing it to Hotels, so you'll never to need wonder again whether you got a good deal on your room or if you should've waited for a better price.

Hotels on Hopper will make planning your trip what it should be - fun! - by taking the stress out of finding the right accommodation for you, whether you value location, price, or vibe the most (or maybe it's an equal combination of all three). Bringing together millions of hotel prices, qualitative and quantitative data on location, and thousands of customer reviews, Hopper has created an algorithm that takes into account what you care about, and will recommend whether you should buy or wait to book that hotel room you've been eyeing. And just like with flights, we'll be sure to alert you when to buy, wait, or if prices are expected to rise.

Until Hopper, there was little information out there to help consumers make a good and confident choice when booking flights. With our massive historical data set, we're proud to have been empowering users for the past two years with transparent information like - when's a good time to go? should I buy now or keep waiting? are there trips similar to mine that are cheaper?

Now, having already changed the way people plan getting to a destination, Hopper is applying its trust and transparency-centric approach to changing the way people plan their stay at their destination -- helping people save money to travel more, and feel more confident in taking the plunge.

Introducing Hotels

Available today in New York City - the most popular destination on Hopper - Hotels will soon be rolling out to 10 additional markets. Planning a trip to San Francisco, Los Angeles or Miami sometime soon? We've got you covered!

Here's how Hopper just became your best friend in travel:

Price Predictions + Monitoring

Just like with flights, we predict future hotel pricing and will tell you exactly when to buy (or wait!) to get the best deal. With 95% recommendation accuracy up to six months in advance, you can already start planning next year's getaway -- today.

Contrary to popular belief, the best rates aren't always available at the last minute. What we've found instead is that oftentimes the best rates can be found 2-3 months in advance, so just like with flights, monitoring hotel pricing earlier - rather than later - will get you the best deal.

Hopper will watch prices 24/7 and alert you exactly when to book. On average, booking a hotel on Hopper saves travelers $34 a night, and up to $90 a night in the best case scenarios. With an average trip watch of eight nights, that means a total savings of $272 on average, or as much as $720. It goes without saying… it pays to watch!

When you book a hotel on Hopper, we promise you will not find a better rate anywhere else online at that given time. You can feel confident that you don't have to compare prices across numerous apps and tabs. Just sit back, relax, and let the bunny do the hard work for you!

Plan Smarter

We know there are a number of factors that go into feeling confident when deciding on a hotel, and the bunny is there to help you every step of the way.

Calendar: The well-loved color-coded calendar is front and center when you open Hotels. It analyzes prices and demand to show you in green which dates are the cheapest to travel.

Map: We know you care about more than just price when booking a hotel. Location in particular is critical, so you'll find hotel options displayed on a map with their nightly rate. And yes, prices are color-coded just like the calendar, so you'll know automatically if that's a good price for a particular hotel. Don't know the city that well? Neighborhood markers help you understand where the hotel is located, and what kind of vibe you can expect from its surroundings.

Tips: To help you make the best choice for you, Hopper also offers swipeable tips to help you narrow down your selection before choosing a hotel. The bunny will tell you which hotels are top-rated, which neighborhoods are recommended, and eventually, it will learn the types of hotels you like and offer personalized recommendations.

Hotel Profile

Maybe you're thinking, "this all sounds great, but how do I know if the hotel is going to fit my personality?" It can be hard to gauge what a hotel is really like just from browsing slideshows of stock photos or low-resolution user uploads.

To give you a feel for the whole hotel experience, we've created Hotel Profiles, which feature immersive full-screen stories that cover every aspect of the hotel - the room, the lobby, the bar, the gym, the neighborhood, etc. You're in control of what you watch - you can tap to progress the story forward, hold to freeze the story, or swipe to progress to the next story section.

Start Saving

Hotels will initially be available for iOS 11 devices only, with rollout to Android coming soon. If you already have Hopper, set up a flight watch to New York and you'll receive a notification about Hotels.

If you're not in with the bunny yet, you can download Hopper in the App store today:

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