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Never Miss Out On A Flight Deal Again

Dakota Smith - Nov. 19, 2019

An amazing flight deal can happen at any time. According to our research, the average flight changes price 17 times in just 2 days if it’s domestic, and 12 times if it’s international. On a high traffic route like New York to London, that price can change up to 70 times in the space of 2 days.  That’s why we designed Hopper to do all the comparison shopping for you by monitoring over 30 billion flight and hotel prices per day and sending you a push notification when we detect a great deal. But that means you could get a notification about an incredible deal at any moment - and sometimes that moment isn’t the best time for you to book a trip. You could be on the train, in a meeting, or out to dinner. You might need a couple of days until your next paycheck comes in. Maybe you just need more time to confirm your vacation plans with your friends, family, or significant other.

Today, we’re launching Price Freeze on Hopper so that you never have to miss out on an amazing flight deal again. With just a few taps, you can freeze a flight deal to hold that price for a short window (1 - 7 days) so that you can come back to book it at a more convenient time. How does it work? You simply pay a small deposit to freeze the flight price on Hopper. You’ll then be reimbursed for your full deposit amount when you book that flight (or any flight) on Hopper within your Price Freeze window. Therefore, Price Freeze is free when you book on Hopper!

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In our beta tests, Hopper customers saved an average of $80 when using Price Freeze to hold their deals. On holiday trips where prices are extremely volatile, Hopper customers have saved an average of $200 per ticket. 

Price Freeze is available on 90% of all flight routes sold on Hopper. Utilizing Hopper’s proprietary price prediction algorithms, Price Freeze assesses short-term airfare volatility to determine value and risk before offering the option. If the flight is at an increased risk of selling out, you may not see Price Freeze offered and our recommendation is to book those flights as soon as possible. The deposit price varies between $1 to $40 depending on variables such as the route, availability, and demand levels. You’ll be reimbursed your full deposit when you book that flight, or any flight, on Hopper within your Price Freeze window.

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Price Freeze is already helping travelers take advantage of great deals found on Hopper by extending the booking window. In fact, travelers are already purchasing over 1,000 Price Freezes per day, even though the feature has only been available to beta testers for six weeks. 

Price Freeze is particularly helpful on days like Travel Deal Tuesday, the best day to find travel deals in the post-Thanksgiving sales period. This year, Travel Deal Tuesday is December 3rd and consumers can expect to find flight deals discounted up to 70% off. Last year, Hopper detected 18 new flight deals every second, so Price Freeze will enable Hopper customers to hold onto those time-sensitive deals even after Travel Deal Tuesday has come and gone! 

Price Freeze is available now on Hopper for iOS and will be rolling out to Android shortly. 

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