Delta Holiday Flights Giveaway

Patrick Surry - Jan. 31, 2016

On December 26th, Delta posted very low fares to a number of destinations, changing search behavior as follows:

  • During a two-hour period on Dec 26th, Hopper saw about 83,000 flight searches that included a Delta Air Lines round-trip fare below $50
  • At its peak, more than 1,700 searches per minute included a flight below $50
  • Search rates in some markets jumped to more than 50 times normal volume within an hour as news of the deals spread via social media
  • Discounted flights were offered across 5,300 US markets in a variety of economy fare classes
  • Price discounts compared to good market rates ranged from 32% to 98%, including round-trips as low as $11

For full report click here.

Figure 2: Number of flight searches per minute for JFK-LAX round-trip over the month of December. Search rates spiked almost 50 times on Boxing Day as news of Delta’s mis-pricing spread.

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