Flying to the Coachella? Find out the cheapest airports and the best time to buy your tickets.

Patrick Surry - Apr. 5, 2017

On April 14th-16th and April 21st-23rd music lovers will flock to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Southern California. Last year over 200,000 guests travelled to Coachella Valley, generating over $700 million in economic impact. Headliners this year include Radiohead, Lady Gaga, and Kendrick Lamar! Attendees typically fly into LAX (Los Angeles), but other airports including LGB (Long Beach), ONT (Ontario), PSP (Palm Springs), SAN (San Diego), and SNA (Orange County) also serve festival goers.


  • Domestic flight prices will bottom out roughly 40 days prior to the departure date.
  • Most searches occur 8 days in advance of departure, despite 40 days advance being the optimum time to book domestic travel.
  • The cheapest domestic flights are running through LAX and LGB. Watch flights on the Hopper app to get notified exactly when to book.
  • International and domestic flight prices to the festival will rise rapidly within 15 days of departure.
  • While Canadian travelers may find cheap flights through PSP, all other international travelers should search for LAX to find the lowest fares.

Top 15 Origins for Flight Searches to LAX for Coachella:

  1. New York City
  2. Shanghai
  3. London
  4. Beijing
  5. Moscow
  6. Sydney
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Guangzhou
  9. Melbourne
  10. Manila
  11. Chicago
  12. Frankfurt
  13. Stockholm
  14. São Paulo
  15. Brisbane

2016 Coachella Search Interest by Airport

  • 60% of domestic travelers and 93% of international travelers flew through LAX for Coachella in 2016.
  • Most searches occur 8 days in advance of departure, despite 40 days being the optimum time to book domestic travel.
  • 61% of domestic searches to LAX occur within 39 days of departure, meaning most travelers never have the opportunity to score the lowest possible fare.

Domestic Travelers: When to Buy

  • The best time to book domestic travel to Coachella is roughly 40 days prior to departure.
  • Domestic flight prices will rise rapidly 15 days prior to departure.

  • While LAX was the cheapest domestic gateway to Coachella last year, currently the lowest prices have been available through LGB for those searching over 100 days in advance of travel.
  • Low fares to LGB are available on a limited number of routes from west coast airports such as SFO, OAK, and SEA.
  • PSP has consistently been the most expensive airport for domestic flights to Coachella.

  • This year, domestic flights to LAX are $50 more expensive than last year's, and domestic flights to SAN are $40 more expensive than last year's.

International Travelers: When to Buy*:

  • The best time to book international travel to PSP, ONT, and SNA is roughly 50 days before departure. The best time to book international travel through LAX and SAN is 70 and 100 days before departure, respectively.

  • Currently, PSP is the cheapest gateway and SAN is the most expensive gateway for international flights to Coachella.
  • International flights to LAX are running at the same price as last year, however international flights to SNA, SAN, PSP, and ONT are between $60 and $200 more expensive this year compared to last year.

*LGB does not have sufficient search traffic from international travelers and has been excluded from the above tables.

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