International Travelers are the Most Desperate to Find Alternate Flights from Atlanta

Patrick Surry - Jan. 31, 2016

In order to understand if the snow storm in Atlanta has had an impact on what destinations people are searching for, Hopper compared search traffic from the last three days (Feb 9-11) to typical patterns over the last four weeks (Jan 12 - Feb 8). The top 5 cities with the highest increase in search volume are shown below. The most likely explanation for these increases is that these are the people who are stuck in Atlanta and looking for new ways to get to their destinations, and international destinations in particular are seeing a large increase in searches.

City and Country

Corresponding Airport

Change in Popularity

Beijing, China



Carlsbad California, USA



Cochin, India



Prague, Czech Republic



Quito, Ecuador



Data and Methodology

The data presented in this analysis comes from Hopper’s combined feed of Global Distribution Service (GDS) data sources which includes about 10 million queries and 1 billion trips per day.  Demand is represented as the number of queries not actual ticket purchases, and is calibrated across all GDS sources for each market.

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