LA to Scandinavia for Under $500 Round-Trip

Patrick Surry - Jan. 31, 2016

Within the last few days, Hopper has seen a price drop of almost 30% on fares from Los Angeles (LAX) to Copenhagen (CPH)  and Stockholm (ARN) (Table 1).  Norwegian Air Shuttle is offering direct flights to both location in the $500 range as compared to the normal range of $700 to $800 for a good deal price.

United Airlines, Air Canada (Figure 1) and Delta (Figure 2) all appear to have responded with low prices as well.  United and Air Canada on both routes and Delta between LAX and CPH.

Figure 1: Sample Low Fare from Air Canada

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 12.41.19 PM.png

Figure 1: Sample Low Fare from Delta

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 12.58.18 PMTable 1: Larges Price drops from LAX

Detailed information for LAX to CPH can be found here, and detailed information on LAX to CPH can be found here.

Norwegian Air Shuttle seems to be the airline to watch in terms of driving down prices.  The airline started flying between Oslo and Kennedy Airport in New York in May and the market now has has round-trip fares starting at $509 (1). Hopper analyzes more than a billion flight prices every day across hundreds of thousands of domestic and international air travel routes.  We summarize this data in a variety of reports to help consumers find deals, identify trends, and make more confident purchasing decisions.  You can explore our tools here.   1.  

Data and Methodology

The data presented in this analysis comes from Hopper’s combined feed of Global Distribution Service (GDS) data sources which includes about 10 million queries and 1 billion trips per day.  Demand is represented as the number of queries not actual ticket purchases, and is calibrated across all GDS sources for each market.  Lowest fare, or deal fare, is represented by the 10th percentile prices.  For example if the 10th percentile price is $800 dollars it means that only 10% of trips are priced at or below this price.

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