Where You Live Says a Lot About Where You Travel

Patrick Surry - Oct. 3, 2014


  • West Coasters are most likely to travel to Asian countries, specifically The Philippines and Thailand

  • The Midwest prefers travel to Mexico over any other group of states

  • While most East Coasters travel the most to Caribbean and Latin American countries, Massachusetts prefers Ireland

As summer has ended and people begin to daydream about their next big vacation, Hopper’s research team decided to explore the most popular international destinations for different states.

To find out which country was each state’s favorite, we found for each state the destination that made up the highest percentage of international travel as compared to the national average. For example, while New Yorkers are most likely to search for flights to Italy (5% of international travel searches), they search for flights to the Dominican Republic 50% more than the average American. People from Illinois search for flights to Poland 239% more frequently than others, most likely due to the fact that Chicago is the third largest Polish city in the world, behind Warsaw and New York City.

Explore the map below to find out which country your state loves most, and use Hopper’s Flight Explorer to plan your next international journey.

Map 900px

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