Now is the best time to book your Labor Day airfare

Patrick Surry - Aug. 10, 2017


  • Domestic round-trip flight prices are currently averaging about $318 for Labor Day

  • Labor Day flights are cheapest this week. Prices will begin rising steadily next week and then will spike by $15 per day in the final two weeks before Labor Day.

  • You can save the most money by leaving on Saturday, September 2 and returning on Wednesday, September 6.

  • The best bargain destinations are Cleveland, Long Beach, Chicago, Dallas, and Phoenix.

When To Buy

If you haven't thought about your Labor Day trip, now is the time. Prices are trending closely to last year with domestic round-trip flight prices averaging about $318 for Labor day weekend.

In 2016, the cheapest prices were available until about 25 days before departure and domestic round-trip flight prices averaged about $312. Between 24 - 15 days prior to departure, there were moderate increases of $4 per day. In the final two weeks, prices started spiking $15 per day. Since prices are trending closely to last year, we expect this trend to continue this year which means you'll want to book your flights now.

Figure 1: When To Buy Labor Day Airfare

When To Fly

If you have flexibility with your schedule, changing your travel dates can save a lot of money. You can save the most by leaving on Saturday, September 2 and returning on Wednesday, September 6. Don't want to wait until the weekend? The next best option is to leave the Wednesday prior (August 30).

Figure 2: When To Fly for Labor Day

Bargain destinations

Not sure where to go? You might want to consider these popular and bargain destinations.

Table 1: Cheapest Domestic Destinations for Labor Day Weekend


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