10 Cheapest Flights from Denver to Europe

Want to travel to Europe on the cheap? Well, here are the 10 cheapest flights from Denver to Europe.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Few continents on the planet possess as many attractions suited to the Coloradan local as Europe: The legendary beer bars of Belgium, touting ancient Trappist ales; the soaring heights of the Austrian Alps with their groomed slopes and glacial massifs; the hiking trails of Sweden and Norway and the Arctic Circle; the cultural haunts of Madrid and London, peppered with masterpieces to rival anything the Denver Art Museum can come up with—the list goes on. No wonder our stats have shown that well over 100,000 people are now searching for flights out of Denver International each month to the continent across the sea!

If you're thinking of making the trip this year, then be sure to check out the list below, which chronicles the top 10 cheapest flights on offer from the runways of DEN to Europe...

10. Fly from Denver to London, England for as low as $1,022 round trip

While these transatlantic connections with Scandinavian flag carrier Icelandair may not seem like a particularly cheap option for hopping across to Europe, travelers would do well to remember that the $1,022 fare places them right on the edge of London town, one of the most visited destinations in all of Europe—nay, the world—where the wonders of the British Museum rub shoulders with the masterworks of the Tate Modern and the ghostly chambers of the London Dungeons!

9. Fly from Denver to Madrid, Spain for as low as $1,012 round trip

With no fewer than eight separate airlines currently running various indirect hops between Denver International and the Adolfo Suarez Airport in Madrid, there's certainly plenty of choice on offer to Colorado locals looking for a taste of the Spanish capital, with its bustling Plaza Mayor, that colossal Royal Palace and wealth of flourishing flamenco bars. For the cheapest tickets, be sure to check out flights on US Airways, which cost an average of just $1,012 round trip!

8. Fly from Denver to Amsterdam, the Netherlands for as low as $1,003 round trip

With Spring Break just around the corner, University of Denver goers may just want to consider these relatively cheap transatlantic flights to the bona fide partying capital of Amsterdam. Between the smoky jazz bars that line the Herengracht Canal, the lively clubs of Dam Square and the iconic Red Light District there are oodles of places to explore, while the green fields of Vondelpark are always at hand to help cure those hangovers. Expect to pay in the region of $1,003 for tickets into town, going on Icelandair or Aer Lingus for the cheapest seats overall.

7. Fly from Denver to Brussels, Belgium for as low as $996 round trip

Yes, Denver may be accomplished in the field of micro-brewing, and Coloradan labels certainly have made a name for themselves in recent years, but for real hops lovers there can surely be no substitute for the beer bars of Brussels, where ancient Trappist tipples rub shoulders with frothy pilsners and brooding stouts to boot. If that's got the taste buds a tingling, then be sure to check out these indirect flights with flying partners Air France and KLM Royal Dutch, which are currently selling for just shy of $1,000 round trip!

6. Fly from Denver to Dublin, Ireland for as low as $947 round trip

While Ireland's own flag carrier, Aer Lingus, boasts a ticket price between Denver International and the city of Dublin that's firmly below the weighted average for the route, we've discovered that would-be travelers to the Emerald Isle can save even more euros on the trip by opting to fly with either United Airlines or JetBlue. Once on the ground that extra cash could be put towards excursions to Blarney Castle, where a lucky kiss may even get you cheaper airfares for life!

5. Fly from Denver to Milan, Italy for as low as $940 round trip

Connecting Denver in the shadow of the Rockies with Milan in the shadow of the Italian Alps, these flights drop passengers at the Malpensa International Airport on the north-western edge of the super-stylish capital of fashion, within easy reach of the Austrian ski fields, the acclaimed wine country of Piedmont and the exquisite sights of the city itself. For the cheapest tickets on the route, be sure to check out the offering from Delta Air Lines, whose round trip seats are currently selling for an average of just $902!

4. Fly from Denver to Stockholm, Sweden for as low as $813 round trip

If you simply cannot wait for the winter snows to set in, or are already longing for the return of the Colorado ski season, then why not consider hopping over to Stockholm this year, the perfect gateway to the resorts of Sweden and Scandinavia, where the pistes stay open well into May at places like Are and Riksgransen in the Arctic Circle? If that's got you sitting in your salopettes and looking for flights, then be sure to search both United Airlines and Lufthansa, whose seats are currently priced below the average for the route.

3. Fly from Denver to Copenhagen, Denmark for as low as $798 round trip

In a stylish medley of cool coffee bars, bohemian drinking dives, design museums, Viking artifacts and royal Danish palaces, the capital city of Copenhagen kicks off the top three on this list of the cheapest European destinations on offer from Denver International overall. For those eager to save some extra krone for the Tivoli or the Stroget mall, the best bargains on the route are with United Airlines, who fly via both Washington Dulles and Brussels.

2. Fly from Denver to Oslo, Norway for as low as $777 round trip

The chances are you'll need every cent you can muster if you're planning a jaunt to the Norwegian capital this year, because everything here—from the supermarkets to the pubs of Grunerlokka and the eateries of Stortingsgata—is pretty darn expensive. Still, with these indirect air connections on United Airlines coming in with an attractive average price tag of just $743 and a whole host of carriers offering flights on the route for just a little more than that, there's plenty of scope for bolstering the budget before arrival!

1. Fly from Denver to Reykjavik, Iceland for as low as $738 round trip

Don't underestimate Iceland's capital, sitting shrouded by bubbling volcanic mud pools, mineral water springs and oodles of breath-taking volcanic peaks on the south-eastern edge of the island nation. This city has summer solstice parties that last all night long, an endless show of Northern Lights during the winter and a jazz fest to shame even Chicago and New Orleans. What's more, it's the cheapest European place on offer from Denver this year, touting flight prices of around just $738, going nonstop on national flag carrier, Icelandair.

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