10 Cheapest Flights from Los Angeles to the Caribbean

Want to escape? Hopper has found the lowest price from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to the Caribbean.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

With hundreds of thousands of L.A. locals now searching for flights between LAX and the Caribbean each month, we at Hopper thought it would be a good idea to use our big data research tool to take an in-depth look at the statistics related to buying tickets to those sunny climes. The result?: this list of the top 10 cheapest air connections out of Los Angeles International Airport heading for the Caribbean, which takes prospective travellers from the sunny strips and historic forts of San Juan, to the luxurious all-inclusives of the Dominican Republic and the reggae world of Jamaica. See you on the beaches...

10. Fly from Los Angeles to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for as low as $578 round trip

The third most popular and tenth cheapest Caribbean connection on offer from LAX this year sees Cali locals transported to the paradisiacal seaside strips of Punta Cana, right on the eastern edge of the Dominican Republic. Not only is the region awash with some of the nation's most coveted hotels and resorts, but it also touts more palm-fringed sands than you can shake a frothy Presidente beer at. Oh, and it'll only set travellers back a meagre $578 or so on flights (going indirect on United Airlines or US Airways for the cheapest tickets overall)!

9. Fly from Los Angeles to Philipsburg, St. Martin for as low as $573 round trip

A veritable hubbub of cruise ship day trippers and fun loving holidaymakers, bustling, duty free shopping malls and sun kissed streets lined with charming craft shops, Philipsburg is perhaps the best place in the Caribbean for combining sun, sea, sand and that little spot of retail therapy that everyone knows L.A. locals love so much! Expect to pay in the region of $573 for indirect flights into town, going on JetBlue Airways or United for the cheapest tickets overall.

8. Fly from Los Angeles to Oranjestad, Aruba for as low as $571 round trip

For any Los Angeles locals looking to explore the far southern reaches of the Caribbean, or eager to escape the Atlantic Hurricane Belt for a spot of low season holidaying this year, these connections between LAX and Aruba's Queen Beatrix International Airport may just be the perfect choice. Average ticket prices on indirect routes are currently hovering in the region of just $571 round trip, with some carriers, like United Airlines and Spirit Airlines, offering connections for far, far less.

7. Fly from Los Angeles to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago for as low as $542 round trip

Out of the four carriers currently offering indirect connections between Los Angeles' LAX and the Piarco International Airport in Port of Spain, United Airlines have got the cheapest seats, with a round trip average price tag of just $516 (that's $26 cheaper than the weighted average for the route overall!). That means budget wary travellers should have plenty more dollars in the bank to splash on those succulent bake-'n'-shark sandwiches, spicy jerk chicken strips and mouth-watering baigan chokha curries after arrival! Sorry, food on the brain...

6. Fly from Los Angeles to Kingston, Jamaica for as low as $513 round trip

No fewer than five separate airlines currently make the indirect hop across the United States from Los Angeles' LAX to the sunny climes of Jamaica's capital, which has made for some stiff competition on the route and some seriously wallet-friendly prices in the region of just $513 return. So, why not drop the surfboard and rethink that road trip to San Diego, and look instead to Appleton Rum and unadulterated reggae?—because that's what awaits in Kingston!

5. Fly from Los Angeles to Christiansted, USVI for as low as $511 round trip

A patchwork of charming Danish mansions and hilltop fortresses from the 17 th centuries, Christiansted has all the features you'd expect of an old colonial capital in the heart of the Caribbean, not to mention great access to the ivory white beaches of Saint Croix's eastern shore besides. Fliers out of LAX can expect to pay in the region of $511 for flights this year, with the best deals on the route going on United Airlines' indirect connection.

4. Fly from Los Angeles to Montego Bay, Jamaica for as low as $498 round trip

Offering up oodles of jerk chicken barbeques, shimmering stretches of pearly white beachfront, chilled out Red Stripe drinking shacks set to the off-beats of reggae and countless all-inclusive hotels that slope their way straight down to the lapping shoreline of the Caribbean Sea, Montego Bay is the gateway to Jamaica's legendary North Coast and the fourth cheapest overall destination to make this list. Expect to pay just short of $500 for return flights, travelling indirect with US Airways to get the best bang for your buck.

3. Fly from Los Angeles to Nassau, Bahamas for as low as $495 round trip

While the perfect gateway to the sprawling resorts and sunny sands of Cable Beach, and an excellent stepping stone for further explorations on Eleuthera and the luxurious cays of Exuma, Nassau is also a throbbing destination in its own right, touting oodles of Bacardi Rum joints and historic fortresses to boot. To be sure not to miss out on this high-energy, action-packed place this year, check out the offering from American Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways, who all run indirect flights from LAX that are priced below the weighted average for the route of $495 round trip.

2. Fly from Los Angeles to San Juan, Puerto Rico for as low as $398 round trip

As one of the oldest colonial cities in the entire New World, Puerto Rico's capital not only has plenty in the way of history to offer—with its UNESCO-celebrated hilltop forts, exquisite Spanish Alcaldia, and fascinating churches—but also one of the most enchanting town centres in the Caribbean, touting crisscrossing cobblestone streets, hidden cantinas and luxurious hotels concealed beneath the faces of majestic mansions from the 16 th thinking, then be sure to check out this mega cheap air connection from LAX, which can cost as little as $392 return, flying indirect with budget carrier Spirit.

1. Fly from Los Angeles to Hamilton, Bermuda for as low as $347 round trip

One of the more far flung members of the Caribbean Community and the overall cheapest destination in the region on offer out of LAX this year is the town of Hamilton, which sits nestled midway down the hook shaped cay of Bermuda between the rolling swells of the North Atlantic Ocean. With an average price tag of just $347 round trip (going indirect on Delta Air Lines), a charming Anglo-Carib vibe throughout, and some seriously beautiful, wild and windswept beachfronts to explore, we think this offer is perfect for anyone looking to escape the hustle of the West Coast on a budget.

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