10 Cheapest Flights from Minneapolis

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Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Ranging from the sunny climes and sultry beachfronts of Florida in the south to the glitzy strips of Las Vegas and the shimmering deserts of Arizona, this selection of the 10 cheapest flights departing out of the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport is sure to have something for every type of traveler. What's more, the prices are low throughout, with all of the connections listed here identified by Hopper's big data research method as selling for less than $250 round trip on average, making them the perfect choice for any budget-wary Midwesterners pining for a holiday that won't break the bank!

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10. Fly from Minneapolis to Orlando for as low as $221 round trip

This connection to Florida's Orlando International Airport is undoubtedly one of the longer flights on this list and touts a bigger (though still rather attractive) price tag to match. The cheapest option on the route is going indirect, flying with US Airways via Charlotte, North Carolina, but nonstop connections with Sun Country Airlines, Delta, and budget carrier Spirit will cost only around $20 more on average and get Midwesterners to the Sunshine State in under four hours' flight time!

9. Fly from Minneapolis to Las Vegas for as low as $211 round trip

$211 is all it takes to get fliers from Minneapolis to Las Vegas this year, which is particularly great news for anyone hoping to bolster their bank account for a bout of blackjack or a go on the poker tables! In fact, the super-cheap ticket price makes the nonstop offering from budget carrier Spirit Airlines the ninth cheapest airfare from Minneapolis–Saint Paul overall, although would-be passengers on the route can also opt to travel with Sun Country Airlines or Delta Air Lines for just a little bit more.

8. Fly from Minneapolis to Baltimore for as low as $210 round trip

For budget-minded Midwesterners this year, the bubbling bars and historic harborsides of B'more beckon, with air connections into the Baltimore–Washington International Airport touting an average ticket price of just $210 round trip. But the pluses don't stop there either, because the cheapest seats on the route all go direct into town and also place travelers within easy reach of the capital at D.C., the alluring metropolis of Philly to the north, and the happening East Coast towns of Virginia Beach and Newport News!

7. Fly from Minneapolis to Fort Lauderdale for as low as $206 round trip

Coming in at a respectable seventh place here are these air connections between Minneapolis–Saint Paul and Fort Lauderdale of the Sunshine State. Not only will they set travelers back just around $206 in total, but the cheapest connections on the route are also nonstop (with Spirit Airlines), which means Midwesterners eager to hit the sands of Miami Beach, the cays of the Florida Keys or the majestic backcountry of the Everglades will be on the ground in no time!

6. Fly from Minneapolis to Phoenix for as low as $191 round trip

Why not trade the cold and snowy climes of northern Minnesota this year for a bout of dusty desert land and cacti-peppered state parks? One thing's for sure, flight tickets to the Arizonan Valley of the Sun won't break the bank, with average seats out of Minneapolis to the Phoenix Sky Harbor now selling for just $191 round trip. For the cheapest option overall, be sure to check out the nonstop offering from Spirit Airlines, which takes just over three hours and can cost even less than the weighted average for the route.

5. Fly from Minneapolis to Tampa for as low as $186 round trip

With a whopping 91,000 people currently searching for flights between Minneapolis and the Tampa International Airport every month, and as many as six individual airlines running connections between the two towns, it's fair to say that there'll be plenty of passengers happy to hear that seats on the route are among the cheapest on offer from the Twin Cities. They're currently selling for an average of just $186 round trip, with nonstop connections on budget carrier Spirit Airlines flying high as the cheapest.

4. Fly from Minneapolis to Washington D.C. for as low as $164 round trip

Whether you hit the nation's capital to check off the bucket list sights of the National Mall, go on a culinary pilgrimage through the aromatic eateries of Little Ethiopia, case out the jazz dives and cocktail bars around Dupont Circle or enjoy the leafy swaths of Rock Creek Park and Roosevelt Island, these bargain air connections are sure to help save some money on your ticket into town. They're currently selling for as low as $164 round trip, with nonstop flights on Frontier Airlines coming in as the cheapest overall.

3. Fly from Minneapolis to Denver for as low as $136 round trip

Shrouded by the soaring peaks of the Rocky Mountains and peppered with more microbreweries and craft bars than you can shake a Fat Tire beer at, the city of Denver is a Minnesotan's ticket to ski, snow and unadulterated metropolitan fun this year. What's more, flights into town are currently the third cheapest overall out of the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport, touting an average round trip price tag of just $136, going nonstop with budget carrier Spirit Airlines.

2. Fly from Minneapolis to Dallas for as low as $108 round trip

Hop from the Twin Cities to the Big D down south this year to explore one of Texas' most interesting towns by wandering between the mind-boggling exhibitions at the Museum of Geometric and MADI Art and the historic Sixth Floor Museum of Lee Harvey Oswald infamy before heading out to savor the smoky barbecue joints and country music dives of Deep Ellum and Downtown. Expect to pay just around $108 for return trip flights, going nonstop on Spirit Airlines for the best deals overall.

1. Fly from Minneapolis to Chicago for as low as $80 round trip

Although it's just a short jaunt through the plains of Wisconsin and the along the banks of Lake Michigan down Interstate 90 and 94 to Chicago, why waste the time when the cheapest of all the flights leaving the runways of Minneapolis this year will get you to the Windy City in just 1.5 hours? What's more, with no fewer than three separate airlines currently running nonstop connections on the route, there are plenty of carriers to choose from — not to mention some seriously competitive prices in the region of just $80 round trip!

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