10 Cheapest Flights from Newark to Europe

Tired of the New York area? Check out these 10 cheapest flights from Newark's Liberty International Airport to Europe.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Unlike any other metropolis in the United States, New York boasts access to not one, not two, but three major international airports, which is great news for Big Apple locals, who benefit from countless low-cost air connections to destinations right across the planet. For fliers departing out of the Newark Liberty International on the border with the Garden State, flights into the alluring lands of Europe can offer up some serious bargains, with some of the cheapest transatlantic connections going for less than $500 round trip!

To help those passengers eager to hit Paris' wine bars or Dublin's pubs with a few extra euros in their pockets this year, the folk over on Hopper's expert flight team have put together this list of the top 10 cheapest European destinations on offer out of EWR, which uses millions of pieces of data from right across the Internet to get the most reliable and up-to-date statistics going.

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10. Fly from Newark to Athens, Greece for as low as $787 round trip

Crowned by the great Parthenon and gilded with the rises of the majestic Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens is a land of aromatic moussaka, deep-fried feta cheeses and potent ouzo shots. It's also the perfect gateway for forays into the sun-kissed islands of the Aegean Sea and comes with a very affordable average round trip price tag of just $787 for fliers out of EWR this year, going indirect on Swiss International Air Lines or United.

9. Fly from Newark to Paris, France for as low as $781 round trip

Touting the fascinating exhibition rooms of the Louvre Museum, the romantic banks of the meandering River Seine, the iconic rises of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, the old beatnik haunts of the Latin Quarter and the mysterious faces of Notre-Dame, Paris is a true bucket list destination if there ever was one. New Yorkers eager to explore its enchanting climes this year should be sure to check out these bargain connections from EWR, which are currently selling for around just $781, going indirect on TAP Portugal.

8. Fly from Newark to Barcelona, Spain for as low as $763 round trip

Few European cities are as alluring as Catalonian Barcelona, which bursts forth from its beautiful position on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea in a hubbub of aromatic paella joints, shimmering yellow sand stretches and curious architecture courtesy of Gaudi. For travelers out of Newark, all the cultural wonders of this ancient town come with a price tag of just $763 round trip this year, with indirect flights on US Airways and American Airlines boasting the cheapest seats overall.

7. Fly from Newark to Madrid, Spain for as low as $713 round trip

While the cheapest flights departing out of EWR for the sunny climes, tapas bars and sangria shindigs of Spanish Madrid this year are all indirect, travelers looking to party with the Madrilenos without the wait can opt to pay just under $200 extra and fly nonstop into town, going on United Airlines or German flag carrier Lufthansa. Once on the ground, perhaps New Yorkers can use the extra hours to sample some of the capital's legendary garlic soups or sprawling seafood platters of mariscada!

6. Fly from Newark to Reykjavik, Iceland for as low as $650 round trip

For intrepid New Yorkers looking to explore the untameable wildernesses and legendary volcanic backcountry of Iceland this year, these bargain flights into the nation's charming capital of Reykjavik may just be the perfect choice. They're currently selling for an average of just $650 round trip, with flag carrier Icelandair offering tickets on its nonstop route for even less! After arrival, Big Apple locals will need to brace themselves for the cold and the drink prices, which are consistently rated among the highest in the world. Good thing you saved some krona on the ride into town!

5. Fly from Newark to Dublin, Ireland for as low as $642 round trip

Whether you're heading to Dublin to explore the historic sites of Kilmainham Gaol, the Christ Church Cathedral and Glasnevin Cemetery, to uncover the lingering remnants of Viking heritage, to follow in the footsteps of Joyce and Heaney, or simply to sample Guinness at the source, these nonstop flight connections promise to help save some euros before arrival! Expect to pay in the region of just $642 return flying on either United Airlines or German carrier Lufthansa.

4. Fly from Newark to Copenhagen, Denmark for as low as $639 round trip

While the cheapest connections currently running between Newark's Liberty Airport and the buzzing Danish capital of Copenhagen are with either Air Canada or Swiss International going indirect, passengers eager to hit the medieval streets of the charming Indre By and the boho cafés of Vesterbro would do well to check out the nonstop offering from Scandinavian Airlines System, which costs around just $63 more on average and takes a whopping five hours less from departure to arrival!

3. Fly from Newark to Milan, Italy for as low as $637 round trip

The perfect choice for New Yorkers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life for the legendary ski fields and mountain retreats of the European Alps this year, Milan sits nestled in the heart of northern Italy, within easy reach of places like Cervinia and St. Anton am Arlberg in Austria across the border to the north. What's more, flights out of the Big Apple's Newark Liberty will cost passengers just around $637 return, with the cheapest connections going nonstop on Lufthansa or United Airlines.

2. Fly from Newark to Stockholm, Sweden for as low as $480 round trip

While Sweden's capital may not be the most budget-friendly destination on the continent, it seems as though there's plenty of scope for New Yorkers to bolster the bank account before arrival this year, with flight connections into the city's Arlanda Airport coming in at a very welcome average price tag of just $480 round trip! For the best deals going, be sure to check out the indirect offering from Air France, which goes via Paris' Charles de Gaulle. Perhaps there'll even be time for a glass of red along the way!

1. Fly from Newark to Oslo, Norway for as low as $460 round trip

The gateway to the windswept fjords of Scandinavia and the ancient lands of the Vikings, Oslo promises a smorgasbord of cultural interest and natural wonder to travelers this year, touting hotspots like the Viking Ship Museum, the coastal stretches of the Oslofjord and the historic center of Tonsberg, to name just a few. The best news, though? Indirect flights into the city's Gardermoen Airport are the cheapest connections to Europe on offer from the Newark Liberty overall, touting an average price tag of just $460 round trip!

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