10 Tips to Find Cheap Flights from Cleveland to Cancun

Follow these 10 tips from Hopper to find cheap flights from Cleveland to Cancun and you could save up to $382 per round-trip ticket!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

When the chill settles on Cleveland and the first frosts of the year prepare to bite, locals can’t be blamed for dreaming of sunnier shores. So why not swap the Great Lakes for the sun-kissed Caribbean coastline for a week and snatch a break in tropical Cancun? With these 10 tips, you can find cheap flights from Cleveland to Cancun and knock up to $382 off the total airfare. And if you visit anytime before mid-December everything else will be surprisingly inexpensive too.

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1. The cheapest time to book a flight from Cleveland to Cancun is 30 days in advance, saving up to $200

You’ll need to be a little organized to make the bulk of these savings, as airfares between Cleveland and Cancun rise dramatically as the departure date nears. When bought 30 days in advance, tickets average about $450 round trip. Prices rise by about $50 at 14 days in advance, but then rise suddenly to their peak of $650 when purchased on the day of departure.

2. The cheapest time to fly from Cleveland to Cancun is after July, saving up to $100

The cheapest months to take off from Cleveland are those late summer and autumn months following on from July: August, September, October, November. This is ideal for those who can’t bear to see summer depart. Fortunately, flying between August and November can save you up to $100, so it’s a simple excuse to escape back to the sun.

3. The cheapest day to fly from Cleveland to Cancun is on a Tuesday, saving up to $17

Cancun is a classic weekend destination, full of ramshackle beach bars and beat-pumping superclubs and there are tons of package deals to suit those two-day refugees from the 9-to-5 week. As a result, if you’re able to time your flights for mid-week, thus avoiding the Friday, Saturday and Sunday highs, you can make simple savings on the cost of your airfare. Flying out from Hopkins International on a Tuesday, for example, can save you up to $17.

4. Save up to $56 by returning on a Wednesday

Bigger savings can be made if you schedule your return flight for a Wednesday, which could reduce your round-trip airfare by as much as $56. Overall, then, if you’re able to carve eight days out of your life in darkling Cleveland and stay over in Cancun from Tuesday to the following Wednesday, you could save a substantial $73 on the total cost of your ticket. If that’s not possible, simply returning on a Wednesday – regardless of which day you depart – will save you the bulk of that money.

5. The cheapest day to buy a flight from Cleveland to Cancun is on a Wednesday, saving up to $9

Surprising though it may seem, it’s not only the days you depart and return that affect the price of your ticket, but also the day on which you make the actual booking. The impact is a little less – the maximum amount this trick can save you on the Cleveland-Cancun route is $9 – but for simply sitting down to book your flights on a Wednesday, it’s a saving you may as well take.

6. Frontier has the cheapest direct flights from Cleveland to Cancun, while United has the best deals overall

At first glance the round-trip fare of $365 on Frontier seems like the best option for flights from Cleveland to Cancun, but that’s before you account for fees. And considering that Frontier charges for carry-on baggage, there’s really no avoiding fees. So, all of a sudden, that connecting flight on United for $355 is actually a whole $60 cheaper! However, a big exception is if you’re traveling with only a checked bag instead, as Frontier charges $20 each way and United charges $25 making Frontier’s direct flight the same price as United’s indirect flight. Check out tip #9 for more info.

Airlines offering direct flights from Cleveland to Cancun:
- Frontier Airlines makes the journey in 4 hours for $365 round trip, on average.
- United Airlines makes the journey in 4 hours for $398 round trip, on average.

Airlines offering connecting flights from Cleveland to Cancun:
- American Airlines makes the journey in 7.5 hours via JFK International Airport for $357 round trip, on average.
- AeroMéxico makes the journey in 7.5 hours via Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport for $538 round trip, on average.
- Delta Air Lines makes the journey in 6.5 hours via Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport for $359 round trip, on average.
- United Airlines makes the journey in 7 hours via Chicago's O'Hare Airport for $354 round trip, on average.

7. Frequent fliers on United can use 35,000 miles to book a round-trip ticket

The good news for members of United’s loyalty program is that you can fly to Cancun and back for free in exchange for only 35,000 air miles – leaving the entire airfare to be spent on fine dining, heavy drinking, deep diving, forest trekking, or whatever else tickles your fancy.

8. Check out Hopper’s When to Fly and Buy Reports for up-to-date information

If you’re the kind of person who likes to really understand the details behind every decision you make, then you’re probably itching to look at the stats behind all the breezy proclamations we’ve made here. In that case, just ride on over to Hopper’s When to Fly and Buy Reports page and tap in Cleveland to Cancun. You’ll be directed to a technical report that demonstrates exactly how we’ve figured out all the prices and recommendations outlined in this article. And the situation may have changed in the gap between this being written and you reading it, so if you’ve got particularly sharp eyes you might even be able to spot an extra bargain in the report, which is kept continuously up to date.

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9. Take a look at Hopper’s Airline Fee Calculator to get the real cost of your ticket

Here at Hopper we’re dedicated to demystifying the opaque world of airline pricing. One of the strongest tools we’ve yet developed towards this end is the Airline Fees Calculator. Using this means you’ll never again fall into an airline’s carefully laid trap, where a budget fare turns out to have excluded so many extra fees and charges that by the time they’ve been added on top, "budget" is far from an accurate label for the overall cost of your ticket. Our Fee Calculator ensures all the extra fees associated with your ticket, from seat selection to baggage charges, are clear for you to see.

10. Keep in mind that a cheap flight from Cleveland to Cancun is about $362 round trip

Cleveland to Cancun is a great route for travelers intending to take a short weekend trip away: direct flights take less than four hours and generally cost only $10 to $50 more than a flight with stops. When you’re looking for a good deal, you should be aiming to pay little more than $362 for an indirect flight and $370 to fly direct. Cheaper trips have been found – some people have paid as little as $261 for their flights in the past six months! But if you wait for a deal like that your feet may never leave Cleveland tarmac. Bear in mind that half of all flyers are paying well in excess of $570 for their tickets, so if you can use these tips to knock that price down a couple of hundred dollars, then you’re doing pretty well.

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