10 Unexpectedly Great Deals on Flights from Dallas

Discover 10 amazing flight deals from Dallas to domestic and international destinations that we found using the Hopper Flight Explorer.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Between the legendary drifting cowboys herding their cattle across the plains, the fearless frontiersmen pushing America’s boundaries evermore southwards, the constant influx of colonial powers continually trying to expand their foreign dominions, and today’s industrious locals who spend their weekends sampling chili-laden dishes in the downtown Tex-Mex joints of Dallas, let it be said that Texas and adventure go together like a hand and glove!

And where better to indulge that calling than from the airport lounges and departure gates of the Dallas Fort Worth International? Here, air carriers both domestic and foreign transport just under 20 million passengers a year to various destinations around the globe, scheduling flights to some mouth-watering places and giving rise to some seriously great deals along the way. Check them out and do note that we found all of these deals using the Hopper Flight Explorer, which makes it possible to search for flights to broad destinations like South America or the Caribbean.

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1. Fly Spirit to New Orleans for only $78 round trip

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Soaring over state lines from the high Texan heartlands to Louisiana’s New Orleans, these nonstop flight connections from Dallas Fort Worth to the Louis Armstrong International Airport are a Dallas resident’s ticket to the fun-loving party streets of the city’s famous French Quarter, the smoky music joints that issue trumpet and jazz, and the voodoo-styled Cajun bars that colour its urban corners. Passengers can choose between Spirit Airlines and American, with the cheapest return fares on the route coming in at just over $70.

2. Fly Spirit to Denver for only $88 round trip

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From one of America’s much-loved major metropolitan D’s to another, this super cheap direct flight connection from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to Denver with either Frontier, Spirit or United Airlines takes just two hours and costs as little as $88 for departures in September and November. Once in town Texan locals will need to swap their dusty cowboy desert boots for a more suitable mountain get-up; one that’ll allow them to indulge their longing for the outback in Colorado’s loftier Rocky Mountain climate.

3. Fly Spirit to San Diego for only $168 round trip

Photo by Roozbeh Rokni/Flickr.

If Dallas’ hot and humid days have left you pining for a jaunt along the American coast, then where better to cool down, kick-back and enjoy than on the beaches of San Diego, where the rolling surf spray flies into the air and the Pacific waters lap the sands endlessly? Well, with these round trip flight connections with either American Airlines, Alaska Airlines or Spirit, it’s now possible to be touching down on the seaside runway strips of San Diego International after just three hours in the air!

4. Fly Spirit to Boston for only $194 round trip

Photo by Werner Kunz/Flickr.

Travelers from The Lone Star State interested in discovering the early history of their tenuous annexation into the American Union and the conflicts of the Mexican-American war that defined their very state borders, would do well to make a pilgrimage north on this bargain flight route to Boston, MA, the metropolis that first brewed the libertarian ideas that would come to define all of America. But the route isn’t just for history buffs either, because fliers in the winter will enjoy access to the large ski areas in Vermont, Maine and Hampshire, while summertime in Massachusetts brings the magnificent beaches of Cape Cod into play!

5. Fly Spirit to New York City for only $246 round trip

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Maybe you’re itching for a spot of retail therapy on the glitzy drags of Midtown Manhattan, or it may be you’re searching for a dose of quietude on the beaches of Long Island. Perhaps you’re just looking to tick off some of North America’s veritable must-sees: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State, the lights of Times Square or the greenery of Central Park. Whatever your reason for wanting to hop northwards to New York from Dallas, these American Airlines and Delta fares starting at $246 return are an absolute steal.

6. Fly Spirit to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for only $316 round trip

Photo by RobertCiavarro/Flickr.

There was a time when the beaches of the Baja California were just the stuff of myth and legend for Texan locals; tales of their pearly white beaches whispered in the smoky parlor rooms of river boats and stories of their post-colonial cityscapes and rolling surf swells mentioned in passing over a strong whiskey to the tune of steel guitar. Well no longer, because now Dallas residents can hop over to the Mexican coast for just $316 return on one of these non-stop air connections with American Airlines, Spirit Airlines or US Airways.

7. Fly United to San Juan, Puerto Rico, for only $329 round trip

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Soar out of Dallas over the Mexican Gulf, past the glistening sands and mangroves of the Florida Keys, and the beaches of Cuba and the Dominican Republic and out into one of the most tropical enclaves of American land on the planet: Puerto Rico. With its jungle-clad hills, Spanish-style towns and magnificent beaches, the island is the perfect destination for any Dallas local yearning for a dose of Caribbean relaxation without the hassle of crossing borders along the way. Oh, and did I mention return fares come in at just $329 return!

8. Fly Delta to Cancun, Mexico, for only $352 round trip

Photo by Tbass Effendi/Flickr.

There’s a reason that Cancun is the word on the lips of every college-goer, spring breaker, party-seeker or self-proclaimed hedonist in the American southeast: It’s downright buzzing with energy in recent years — alive with super clubs, Caribbean cocktail bars, super-chic all-inclusives and more beachfront drinking joints than you can shake a sandal at. Don’t miss it this year, when return flights on American Airlines, Delta, Spirit Airlines, Sun Country or US Airways are going for as little as $352 a pop!

These 8 tips from the Hopper Research team can save you up to $607 on your flights from Dallas to Cancun!

9. Fly Spirit to San Jose, Costa Rica, for only $359 round trip

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Passengers looking to grab bargain flights to Costa Rica’s high-perched capital in the midst of its coffee-covered Central Valley should look to indirect connections with Spirit Airlines, AeroMéxico or United, which drop to as little as $359 for departures at the start of the shoulder season in September. But don’t let the timing put you off, because San Jose’s altitude makes for a pleasant year-round warmth and November ushers in some of the best surfing conditions on the whole central Pacific coast.

10. Fly Spirit to Panama City, Panama, for only $336 round trip

Photo by thibhou/Flickr.

With its glimmering CBD high-rises of steel and glass, its wealth of world-class, award-winning hotels, its leafy waterfront boulevards and veritable hodgepodge of cultures and creeds, Panama’s capital has plenty to impress incoming Dallas Locals. While direct flights are available with American Airlines and US Airways, the cheapest option for travelers from Dallas Fort Worth International is unquestionably with Spirit Airlines via Fort Lauderdale, which sells for as little as $336 return.

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