12 European Destinations under $800 Round Trip from Boston This Fall

Use the Hopper Flight Explorer to find great deals on flights to Europe this fall, with tickets to 12 European cities currently on sale for less than $800 round trip from Boston.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

For many a young American traveler, making the hop across the pond is seen as something of a rite of passage, when the backpacking gloves come off and one’s wanderlust can finally indulge in the long histories of the continent, its earthy and authentic culinary offerings and a great many of Europe’s other much-touted must-dos. Of course, older travelers are also enjoying these far flung reaches of the world more than 4,000 miles across the great Atlantic divide — perhaps spying out the boutique hotels of Italy, exploring the ancient ruins of Greece or sampling the delicacies of the Parisian kitchen.

If either sounds like you, and you’re stuck somewhere in the Northeast twiddling thumbs and thinking of how to spend your fall, then why not consider these 12 great flight deals out of Boston to the shores of alluring Europe? We found all of these deals using the Hopper Flight Explorer, which makes it easy to search for cheap tickets to wider destinations like continents or countries.

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12. Fly to Stockholm, Sweden, for as low as $761 round trip

Photo by Michael Cavén/Flickr.

From the cobbled market squares and tight-knit streets of the Gamla Stan, to the bohemian crafts shops and cafes of Sodermalm island, this archipelago city comes alive like no other in Europe during the fall — endowed to the brim with enchanting Christmas markets, shimmering skating rinks and late-summer events allowing the long-night locals to enjoy the very last the precious sun. The cheapest connection out of Boston’s Logan International is run by United Airlines, costs just $761 return and involves a stopover in Newark, New Jersey.

The best day to buy a ticket from Boston to Stockholm is on Friday, which can save you up to $53. Find out more.

11. Fly to Athens, Greece, for as low as $760 round trip

Photo by wallyg/Flickr.

Crowned by the iconic marble colonnades of the ancient Parthenon and shrouded on all sides by the historic hills of Attica, there’s little question that Greece’s heady and enthralling capital is one of the most instantly recognizable on the planet. This fall, travelers from Massachusetts can leave behind the grounds of Harvard and join the off-season crowds for a dose of the deeper past, peering back into the days when this great metropolis ruled the Med with its triremes and was the cradle of all western civilization.

10. Fly to Berlin, Germany, for as low as $756 round trip

Photo by Wolfgang Staudt/Flickr.

Central Europe’s hipster capital is the place to be and be seen this fall, and with the German national football team returning home trophy in hand, there’s little question that 2014 is Berlin’s year to party. The cheapest flight connections to the beer gardens of the Tiergarten, the boho bars of Kreuzberg and the historic Friedrichshain from Boston currently sit at around $756, with Turkish Airlines, British Airways and Swiss International Air Lines running the best-priced routes out of the Logan International Airport.

You can save up to $127 just by buying your ticket to Berlin on a Sunday! Find other tips in Hopper's report.

9. Fly to Madrid, Spain, for as low as $731 round trip

Photo by J. A. Alcaide/Flickr.

Passionate, pulsing Madrid stands at the very heart of the Spanish nation — both geographically and figuratively. It’s littered with examples of the old European palatial baroque, the elegant angles of modernist glitz and the elaborate artistry of Spanish Iberia. In the day, Madrilenos scurry back and forth through the streets, past the houses of Goya and Cervantes, in the night they cluster in the al fresco eateries with plates of steaming meze, before heading off into the ceaseless hedonism of Gran Via, Alonso Martinez and Tribunal. Put simply, don’t miss this for just $731 this fall!

8. Fly to Rome, Italy, for as low as $720 round trip

Photo by Moyan_Brenn/Flickr.

Many travelers are wary of hitting the Eternal City in the height of summer, scared away by tales of seething crowds of tourists and cruise ship day-trippers from nearby Ostia. However, with this autumn flight connection from Boston locals can now enjoy all the fabled treasures of this ancient city, from the crumbling remnants of its past imperialism to the grandiose legacy of the Italian Renaissance, in relative quietude and peace. Return tickets can cost anything upwards of $720, flying on one of many carriers: Italy’s own Alitalia to Turkish Airlines with a stopover in Istanbul.

Travelers who fly to Rome on a Tuesday and return on a Tuesday can save up to $568! It's in the Hopper report.

7. Fly to Milan, Italy, for as low as $709 round trip

Photo by Friar's Balsam/Flickr.

This veritable gem of northern Italy is an art-lover’s, fashion-buff’s dream-come-true, boasting such a portfolio of masterpieces that names like Armani, da Vinci, Bellini, Picasso, Gucci, van Gogh and Gauguin all mingle together like a second language in the streets. But Milan is also Italy’s financial nerve center, deceptively old and rich in history and a real sponge of that quintessential Italian vibe. This all just might make indirect flights from Boston’s Logan International Airport in the fall one of the best deals on this list!

6. Fly to Sofia, Bulgaria, for as low as $670 round trip

Photo by Stella VM/Flickr.

Whether you come to Sofia with a mind to wander amidst the onion-domed churches and leafy squares of its central districts or as a stopover before hitting the hedonistic and happening spots on the Black Sea Coast, this indirect autumn connection out of Boston’s Logan International Airport is a real bargain option. What’s more, with a notoriously short autumn season, guests arriving in the fall are like to enjoy either the city’s steamy Indian summers of September and October, or the snow-laden early winters of November, when the domes of the Alexander Nevski Cathedral descent under a blanket of icy white.

5. Fly to Helsinki, Finland, for as low as $670 round trip

Photo by Riku Kettunen/Flickr.

Boston locals who opt to hop over the Atlantic this autumn, to the Scandinavian capital of Helsinki, on this round-trip route to the city’s Vantaa Airport, may just discover a little more common ground with the Fins than they expected. Like beloved Beantown, Helsinki was made strong by the sea and like Boston, it too stands as an enduring monument to the very beginnings of the modern Finnish state. Delta Airlines are typically the cheapest option, while the flight takes just over 12 hours with a stopover in Amsterdam along the way.

Search for and book your tickets to Helsinki on a Tuesday to save up to $195 per ticket! Read the Hopper report for more info.

4. Fly to Lisbon, Portugal, for as low as $621 round trip

Photo by szeke/Flickr.

Perched out on the very western tip of the European continent, in the warm currents of the Gulf Stream, the red-roofed districts and undulating hills of Portugal’s capital are famed for their pleasant year-round climate. Consequently, travelers arriving here from chilly Boston in the fall can still expect to enjoy temperatures well in excess of the high-60s, along with dry days and calmingly cool nights. What’s more, passengers on this roundtrip route have the pick of the bunch when it comes to carriers, with American, Delta and Air France all flying regularly.

3. Fly to Reykjavik, Iceland, for as low as $586 round trip

Photo by Ophelia photos/Flickr.

From the Laugavegur and Skolavordustigur shopping streets of Reykjavik’s central districts, first-time visitors here could be forgiven for thinking that they were doing the rounds in one of northern Europe’s mainland capitals. It’s adorned with all the usual livery of modernist retail outlets, homey coffee shops and buzzing bars, not to mention a fabled — if notoriously expensive — nightlife scene. However, just a stone’s through from beneath the painted timber houses of the town, the roaring falls of Gullfoss, the chiselled Esja mountain ridges and a smattering of bubbling hot springs are an ever-present reminder of this land’s primordial and metamorphic beginnings. But why not for just $586 return?

2. Fly to Istanbul, Turkey, for as low as $492

Photo by Moyan_Brenn/Flickr.

Hipsters, students and self-proclaimed bohemians of Boston’s Allston-Brighton, Cambridge and Somerville areas pay attention, because the gift at the end of this rainbow really is worth your dollar! Istanbul; that sprawling metropolis of more than 13 million people, straddled on the Bosphorus join of Asia and Europe and oozing with youthful energy from every ancient Byzantine, crumbling Ottoman and UNESCO-attested pore. If you want to party with the fun-loving locals of Europe this fall, then this United Airlines route from Boston International is definitely your most likely ticket to the ball!

Travelers can save up to $49 per ticket just by booking their tickets to Istanbul on a Friday! Read the Hopper report for other money-saving tips.

1. Fly to Ponta Delgada, Portugal, for as low as $395 round trip

Photo by Silvain de Munck/Flickr.

Rising from the mid-Atlantic like a series of petrified leviathans draped in greenery, the hulking volcanic islands of the Portuguese Azores are among the closest European destinations to America’s east coast. Their manifold attractions include the emerald crater lakes of the Sete Cidades, the soaring peak of Mount Pico (Portugal’s highest) and the bubbling hot springs of Ponta da Ferraria and Furna do Enxofre on Graciosa, not to mention the enchanting post-colonial city centres of Angra do Heroismo and Ponta Delgada. All that for just $395 on the archipelago’s own SATA International carrier!

Examples of itineraries from Boston to Ponta Delgada recently found:
-$312 round-trip on SATA International from Oct 17 to Oct 31
-$312 round-trip on SATA International from Nov 2 to Nov 11
-$312 round-trip on SATA International from Nov 28 to Dec 5
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