12 Latin American Destinations under $500 Round Trip from Miami This Fall

Discover round-trip tickets to 12 destinations in Central America, South America and the Caribbean all on sale for under $500 from Miami!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Perched out on the Florida peninsula, between the warm swells of the Mexican Gulf and the sandy stretches of the Atlantic Seaboard, the city of Miami enjoys a unique position just a stone’s throw from the alluring lands of Central America, the Caribbean and tropical South America. Granted, that’s something of a figurative stone’s throw with the shortest flights on this list still lasting as long as three hours, but it’s a relative one nonetheless.

The point is that it’s hardly surprising that the Miami International Airport now has more air connections to Latin America than any other in the country — a fact that makes it the perfect departure point for travelers looking to do a little exploration closer to the equator during this year’s autumn low season.

All of these deals were found using the new Hopper Flight Explorer, which makes it easy for travelers to find deals from their airport. For instance, we simply selected Miami as our origin airport and put Central America, Mexico, Caribbean and South America as our destination. All of the prices were valid at time of publication, but play around with the flight explorer to see current sale prices.

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1. Sun, cocktails and relaxation in just a few hours at San Juan, Puerto Rico, for $215 round trip

Photo by dameetch/Flickr.

Whether you head to this American enclave in the north of the Caribbean Sea to wander around its charming post-colonial old town streets and Spanish fortifications, or simply to kick it on the glistening beaches with a piña colada and a steaming bowl of Puerto Rican mofongo, there’s little question that a direct connection with either American Airlines or US Airways out of Miami International is the way to go. The speedy flight southwards takes just shy of three-hours and can be flown for as little as $215 return this fall.

2. Enjoy all-inclusive luxury at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, for $368

Photo by Roozbeh Rokni/Flickr.

This return-trip connection from Miami to the Dominican Republic’s holidaying heartland is set to cost just $368 for certain dates this fall. Run by American Airlines, the flight will drop passengers off amidst the island nation’s largest conglomeration of luxury resorts and all-inclusive hotels, each of which buts up nicely to the scintillating sands and crystal waters of Dominica’s eastern coast.

3. Tanning and touring without the crowds in Cancun, Mexico, for $371

Photo by Nicolas Karim/Flickr.

Whoever said Cancun was just for spring breakers should take a long hard look at the tantalizing prices for travel this fall. Granted the $371 returns with either US Airways or American Airlines drop travelers in town right at the height of the low-season, but Cancun is known for its year-round warmth and visitors in September, October and November will avoid the seething crowds of holidaymakers — making both the beaches and must-see spots at nearby Chichen Itza and Tulum a much pleasanter affair.

These 10 tips from the Hopper Research team can save you up to $380 on your flights from Miami to Cancun!

4. Something away from the city in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, for $383

Photo by madmack66/Flickr.

While the mechanized, factory-laden districts of Honduras’ most busy metropolis may not seem like the most attractive autumn getaway destination, prospective travelers on this American Airlines, US Airways, Avianca and United route out of Miami would do well to focus instead on the enthralling array of Mayan ruins at Copan, the rugged hills and conservation areas of the Celaque National Park, or the ivory white beaches of Honduras’ bay islands; Roatan, Utila and Guanaja. And why not, when return tickets this fall are as low $383?

5. Ticking all the low-season boxes in Aruba, for $401

Photo by WanderingtheWorld (www.ChrisFord.com)/Flickr.

Contrary to popular myth, there is really no low-season in Aruba at all. That is to say that this Caribbean island sits firmly away from the hurricane belt of the Caribbean and suffers no damning tropical storm seasons like its better-known brothers to the north. Still, the habits of American travelers die hard, and hotel prices peak between December and late-spring, which makes this perhaps the most perfect autumn getaway for travelers arriving from the United States. Today, American Airlines and US Airways both fly the route direct from Miami in just three hours from start to finish.

6. Discover a home away from home in Panama City for $413

Photo by thinkpanama/Flickr.

Oft-touted by local Panamanians as the Miami of Latin America, there’s a good chance that visitors from Florida’s Magic City will feel right at home in this bubbling cityscape. One thing’s for sure, it’s got all the super clubs and stylish cocktail joints, not to mention plenty of shimmering high-rises and a good deal of the same audacious attitude. Still, why not head down and find out for yourself on one of American Airlines’ or Copa Airlines’ nonstop connections for just $413 this fall.

7. Monstrous volcanoes and mellow Latin American vibes in Managua, Nicaragua, for $423

Photo by AdamCohn/Flickr.

Nicaragua; the neck of Central America that separates Honduras from Costa Rica and the mighty Pacific from the pristine Caribbean. All throughout the year tourists from North America and Europe flock here for a taste of the authentic Latin American spirit. It can be found in the mystical volcanic calderas of the monstrous Lago de Nicaragua, in the sweaty suburban streets of Managua, the capital, on the rolling autumnal surf swells of the Pacific and amidst the dense jungles of the country’s Mesoamerican heart. If that’s got your mouth watering, then Copa Airlines’ round-trip deals this fall are just the thing for you!

8. Charting Dominica’s northern reaches out of Santiago, Dominican Republic, for $426

Photo by Belivehotels.com/Flickr.

Dominica’s aged provincial capital is the gateway to the regions of the country’s north coast — a land marginally less trodden than the eastern tip of the island and home to the all new Boulevard Turistico del Atlantico. If you’re up for a little adventure this fall, then why not hop across the Caribbean on a bargain connection out of Miami International and glide your way along the coast, past the misty peaks of the Isabel De Torres Park and around the quaint fishing villages east of Puerto Plata.

9. Surfers and sun-seekers assemble at San Jose, Costa Rica, for $435

Photo by smilla4/Flickr.

For as little as $435 return, tickets on this Copa Airlines route from Miami international to San Jose’s Juan Santamaria Airport are an absolute steal this autumn. Not only will the soaring heights of the country’s capital city — perched in place on the Talamancan plateaus of the Central Valley — make for some soothing spring-like weather conditions, but surfers chasing swells down the Pacific seaboard are sure to enjoy the rolling waves of late November (especially without the crowds!).

10. Plenty of culture and plenty of cha-cha in Caracas, Venezuela, for $460

Photo by José Pestana/Flickr.

As the shoulder-season crowds descend on the beaches and boulevards of Miami, why not exchange one of Florida’s cultural hot spots for one of South America’s? Between the lively cantinas and polenta cafes that pepper the streets around the Plaza Bolivar in Caracas’ old town, and the jungle-clad foothills of the Cordillera de la Costa on the horizon, Venezuela’s capital boasts an exhilarating, salsa-driven nightlife and more cultural pursuits than you can throw a stick at. Indirect flights with Panama’s Copa Airlines this fall will take just seven hours in total and cost as little as $460 return.

11. Exploring Latin America at Tegucigalpa, Honduras, for $464

Photo by MjZ Photography/Flickr.

With its awkward location in the central hills of Honduras, the country’s interesting capital may not be the best place for travelers looking to branch out and explore the various nearby tourist towns of Mesoamerica. But four-century-old Tegus can still pack a punch — perhaps even one big enough to convince Miami locals to take this $464 return with Copa Airlines in the fall. Those who do can expect a charming conglomeration of colonial streets, a smattering of verdant city parks and good connections with the nearby towns of Santa Lucia and Comayagua, not to mention a burgeoning nightlife scene of Honduran hipsters and bohemians.

12. Above the clouds in Bogota, Colombia, for $485

Photo by .:fotomaf:./Flickr.

While Bogota’s monstrous size and endless districts of favela shanty towns or concrete high-rises have often prevented it from being touted as a worthy Latin American getaway, the quaint, cobbled streets and abundance of historical sites that populate La Candelaria at its heart, and its dramatic location on the soaring savannahs of the Andes Mountains speak volumes to the contrary. This fall, why not throw caution to the wind and leave your comfort zone well and truly in Miami, taking one of these Lan Airlines flights to Colombia’s capital for a stint?

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