The Five Cheapest Flights from Chicago to Florida

Check out the 5 cheapest flights from Chicago to Florida according to the airfare experts at Hopper.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

No one ever said that that holiday to Florida would be easy on the bank account, especially not after you've added on the cost of all those beachside cocktails, the party nights in Miami, those tickets to Walt Disney World, the excursions to the Everglades, and the necessary sunscreen, sandals and tropical tees! However, there's help at hand for Midwesterners fearing a hefty bill for hitting the Sunshine State, and it comes in the form of Hopper's big data research method, which has looked at millions of pieces of information from right across the internet to bring would-be passengers out of Chicago this list of the top five cheapest flights on offer to Florida!

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5. Fly from Chicago to West Palm Beach for as low as $180 round trip

If you're looking to avoid the booming crowds of Miami but still want to enjoy all the sandy Atlantic Beaches of Florida's east coast, then be sure to consider these connections into West Palm Beach, which are currently on sale for an average price of just $180 round trip. The cheapest option on the route is actually nonstop with American Airlines, but would-be passengers would also do well to consider US Airways' indirect option via Charlotte, North Carolina.

4. Fly from Chicago to Miami for as low as $176 round trip

Bringing in just shy of 200,000 searches per month from fliers looking to hit the sun-kissed strips of the Florida Peninsula, these connections to Miami remain among the most popular out of Chicago overall. That means there's going to be plenty of competition for the cheapest tickets among prospective travelers, who could see themselves bag bargain seats to the bubbling Magic City for as little as $154 return going nonstop on United Airlines, or — for the unlucky ones — as much as $304 going indirect on US Airways!

3. Fly from Chicago to Fort Lauderdale for as low as $156 round trip

Fort Lauderdale is the Florida jack of all trades, touting excellent access to a great number of the region's must-see attractions: the Art Deco clubs and seaside strips of Miami Beach, the curious Cuban bars of Little Havana, the untouched Everglades, the scintillating Florida Keys… the list goes on. With that in mind, be sure to check out nonstop departures to the Hollywood International Airport this year, which come in as the third cheapest to the Sunshine State available from Chicago overall!

2. Fly from Chicago to Orlando for as low as $150 round trip

Unquestionably one of the most coveted destinations in the world of American family holidaying, Orlando is the home of Universal Studios, the Magic Kingdom and now the Wizarding World of Harry Potter too! You may think all of that would crank the price of flights up for eager travelers out of the Midwest's biggest airport this year, but these super-cheap $150 round trip fares on Spirit Airlines going nonstop say otherwise. Wands at the ready!

1. Fly from Chicago to Tampa for as low as $143 round trip

The only city on Florida's west coast to make this list and the overall cheapest destination in the Sunshine State on offer from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, Tampa gives travelers the opportunity to explore the sunny beaches of the Mexican Gulf, the award-winning sands of nearby Clearwater and, of course, the theme parks of Orlando just up Interstate 4 to the east. Flights cost around just $143 return, with the cheapest seats going on budget carriers Spirit Airlines and Frontier.

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