The Five Cheapest Flights from Denver to Florida

Leaving Denver International Airport for the warmth of Florida is wallet-friendly with these cheap flights from Denver to Florida.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

If you're pining to get away from the landlocked heart of Colorado, the shadow of the mighty Southern Rockies or the snow-packed fields of the Mountain States this year, then why not consider hopping aboard one of the many air connections departing out of the Denver International Airport for the tantalising land of Florida? With upwards of 15 destinations in the Sunshine State now receiving direct and indirect arrivals from right across the country, and oodles of nonstop options available to fliers from DEN, there's sure to be a suitable ride to hitch!

What's more, Hopper have used their big data research method to discover the five cheapest fares going, to help get our readers on the ground with plenty of dollars left for Disney World, Miami's party spots and trips to the Florida Keys.

5. Fly from Denver to Tampa for as low as $224 round trip

Coming in joint last place here, but still boasting some seriously wallet-friendly fare prices in the region of just $224 return, are these connections from the Denver International Airport to the energetic town of Tampa on the edge of the Mexican Gulf. Because the cheapest options on the route are actually nonstop with Frontier Airlines, travelers making the hop can expect to be on the ground in no time—having saved plenty of dollars, and with time enough to explore historic Ybor City and the wild and winding coasters of Busch Gardens properly!

4. Fly from Denver to Fort Myers for as low as $224 round trip

Also touting an attractive average price tag of around just $224 are these return trip connections to the accomplished resort town of Fort Myers, where sparkling condominiums abut the waters of the Mexican Gulf, and the fascinating sites of Seminole Lodge (Thomas Edison's winter retreat) and the Florida Everglades lurk on the peripheries. For the cheapest tickets going, be sure to check out the nonstop offering from low-coster Frontier Airlines, who complete the route in just over four hours.

3. Fly from Denver to Orlando for as low as $223 round trip

Currently attracting more than 70,000 searches from folk looking to hop over to the Sunshine State from the runways of Denver International each month, these air connections into the adrenaline-pumping home of the theme parks are unquestionably the most popular on this list. That means there should be plenty of happy travelers too, because nonstop flights to the twisting coasters of Orlando are also the third-cheapest running between DEN and Florida overall, boasting an average round trip fare of just $223!

2. Fly from Denver to Fort Lauderdale for as low as $164 round trip

Now firmly established as one of the hottest destinations on the entire Atlantic Coast of Florida, Fort Lauderdale touts an array of shiny white beaches, bubbling promenades laden with concession stands and oodles of marinas packed to the brim with jet setter yachts. For travelers from Denver pining for a slice of the legendary Sunshine State shoreline, these air connections are the perfect choice, costing an average of just $164 round trip when going nonstop on Spirit Airlines.

1. Fly from Denver to Miami for as low as $167 round trip

It's no secret that Miami is the big daddy when it comes to partying your way along the Atlantic strips of Florida: The city is laden with bubbling rum shacks that seem plucked straight from the Caribbean, lively pina colada cocktail bars that could easily be in Rio, and a smattering of super clubs to rival even Las Vegas. But the good news doesn't stop there for Colorado locals looking to hit the Magic City either, because this year, tickets into town cost in the region of just $167 return, flying direct on Frontier Airlines for the cheapest seats overall.

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