The Five Cheapest Flights from Denver to Hawaii

Looking for some adventure on a budget? Hopper gathered the five cheapest flights from Denver International Airport to Hawaii's top destinations.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

For landlocked Colorado locals stuck betwixt the rolling swathes of the Great Plains, the dusty deserts and hoodoo canyons of the Western Slope, and the snow-topped rises of the Front Range and the American Rockies, there is perhaps no holiday more exciting than one by the seaside! And of all the coastal spots America has to offer, there are arguably none more quintessential than the islands of Hawaii; volcanic protrusions of the Pacific that are famed for their Polynesian surf, tropical sand stretches and exotic backcountry besides.

To try and help out any folk of The Centennial State eager to catch a tan and don their hibiscus garlands, Hopper have put together this selection of the five cheapest flights currently connecting the Denver International Airport with Hawaii—enjoy!

5. Fly from Denver to Hilo for as low as $725 round trip

The steepest of the cheapest here comes in the form of these indirect air connections between DEN and the volcano-shrouded town of Hilo, which are run by the Aloha State's flag carrier, Hawaiian Airlines. On average, tickets on the route will cost $725 return, for which passengers get a ride right to the foot of the bubbling mounts of the Volcanoes National Park, the edge of paradisiacal James Kealoha Beach, and the famous domes of the Mauna Kea Observatory.

4. Fly from Denver to Lihue for as low as $639 round trip

Saving passengers yet another $100 on the cost of their flights are these connections into Lihue, which sits on entirely the other end of the Hawaiian archipelago from Hilo. As the gateway to the so-called Garden Isle of Kauai, the town is a Coloradan's ticket to attractions like the rugged Na Pali Coast, the winding routes of the Holo Holo Koloa Scenic Byway, the cavernous interiors of the Makauwahi Cave, the treks of the Makaleha Mountains and the legendary breaks of the Spouting Horn wave to name just a few!

3. Fly from Denver to Kahului for as low as $598 round trip

Yep, Maui is everything you've dreamt about and more: A land of hidden coves, beautiful coastal byways and rolling surfer beaches where wave-riding legends are two to the cent, all watched over by the mighty silhouettes of the Haleakala Crater and Mauna Kahalawai. To hit this mythical island this year, passengers departing from Denver International will have to pay an average of just $598 round trip (going indirect on Delta Air Lines), which is the third cheapest of all the Hawaiian connections currently on offer from the airport.

2. Fly from Denver to Kailua/Kona for as low as $592 round trip

If you've come to Hawaii for the tropical beachfronts then there's arguably no better destination in the entire state to head for than Kailua, which is the ancestral capital of Oahu's ancient kings, not to mention the chosen holidaying spot of jet setters and celebs ad infinitum. Expect to pay in the region of $592 for round trip tickets into town, ignoring United Airlines' nonstop flight for the cheaper seats on Delta Air Lines' indirect connection via Atlanta and LAX.

1. Fly from Denver to Honolulu for as low as $591 round trip

Far and away the most popular holidaying spot here and certainly the favoured gateway to the Aloha State as a whole, the capital of Honolulu currently draws in an estimated 44,000 searches from fliers looking to hop over on flights from Denver International each month. Good thing then that the connections are the cheapest of all those on offer from the airport to this Polynesian paradise, coming in with an average price tag of just $591 when flying indirect on American Airlines, US Airways, United or Delta.

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