The Five Cheapest Flights from Los Angeles to Hawaii

Want to trade California's crowded beaches for the lush landscapes of Hawaii? Read on to discover the 5 cheapest flights from Los Angeles to Hawaii!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Perhaps you've tired of the Orange County surf breaks and are pining for something a little more off the hook this year? Maybe the promise of all that aromatic Asian-come-American cuisine is drawing you to Honolulu? Or is it the volcanic peaks that have caught your attention, brooding and bubbling above the groves of pineapple guava and Japanese maple that thread their way along the paradisiacal coastline of Hawaii below?

Whatever it is that's got you pining for a jaunt to the Aloha State this year, you can rest assured that this selection of the five cheapest air connections into town will help save some dollars on the journey!

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5. Fly from Los Angeles to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii for as low as $524 round trip

The ancestral home of Hawaii's ancient kings still reigns as one of the most coveted holidaying locations in the entire state, drawing booming crowds of visitors with its 300 days of sunshine, aromatic coffee plantations, the dramatic broadsides of Mount Hualalai and — of course — pristine tropical beaches. If that's got you thinking, then be sure to check out nonstop flights with either United Airlines, US Airways or American Airlines, which all sell for less than the weighted average of $524 for the route.

4. Fly from Los Angeles to Lihue, Hawaii for as low as $523 round trip

Crowned by the breathtaking rises of the Na Pali Coast and the chiseled ridges of the Waimea Canyon, the island of Kauai is an outdoors enthusiast's dream come true. Don't pass up your chance to wonder at Hawaii's wildest backcountry this year and make sure to check out these nonstop connections out of LAX to the town of Lihue, which sits nestled between the volcanic cliffs on Kauai's east coast — the perfect base point for hiking excursions or beach hunting trips around the shore.

3. Fly from Los Angeles to Hilo, Hawaii for as low as $474 round trip

The gateway to the brooding calderas, metamorphic summits and bubbling lava streams of the Big Island's eastern coast, the humble little town of Hilo offers travelers easy access to the iconic Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the soaring ridges of Mauna Loa. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then be sure to check out these bargain air connections into the Hilo International Airport from LAX, flying indirect on United Airlines for the best deals overall.

2. Fly from Los Angeles to Kahului, Hawaii for as low as $387 round trip

Just missing out on the top spot here by one measly dollar are these bargain air connections between LAX and Kahului Airport on Maui, which are a South Cali resident's ticket to some of the most famous surfing spots in the entire Pacific Ocean, from Hookipa Beach to the colossal swells of Peahi. Tickets on the route will set travelers back around just $387 this year, with the cheapest seats going nonstop on American Airlines. That should leave plenty of cash for the board rental and Mr. Zog's!

1. Fly from Los Angeles to Honolulu, Hawaii for as low as $386 round trip

Unsurprisingly flying high as the cheapest Hawaiian destination on offer on flights out of Los Angeles International overall, Honolulu is the state capital and gateway to the iconic beaches of south-eastern Oahu Island, from bustling Waikiki to the long sand stretches of Ala Moana. Passengers looking to make it to the runways of the city's international airport this year can expect to pay in the region of $386 round trip on average, with the cheapest tickets going nonstop on American Airlines.

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