The Five Cheapest Flights from New York's JFK Airport to Florida

Check out the 5 cheapest flights from New York to Florida according to the airfare experts at Hopper.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Ah, the ubiquitous Florida holiday — a time spent moving between the fun-loving beaches of the Atlantic shore, the sunny reaches of the Mexican Gulf, the adrenaline-pumping amusement parks of Orlando and Fort Myers and the majestically beautiful swathes of the Everglades. Put it like that and it's hardly surprising that Americans love the Sunshine State so much, even though everyone knows its fruits do not come cheap! In fact, to help would-be travelers save as much cash as possible for activities on the ground, we at Hopper have used our big data research method to compare aggregate average airfare prices on all carriers flying between JFK and Florida. The result is this list of the top 5 cheapest flights, which throws up some interesting destinations and welcome savings to boot — enjoy!

5. Fly from New York to Orlando for as low as $225 round trip

Now bringing in just over a whopping 300,000 searches a month, connections between New York's JFK and Orlando International are amongst the most popular routes on offer from the Big Apple to the Sunshine State. That means there should be plenty of happy travelers this year, because we've also discovered that prices on the journey are ebbing at a tempting low of just $225 on average, with nonstop flights on American Airlines and budget carrier JetBlue coming in as the cheapest. That should save some dollars for Disney World!

4. Fly from New York to Tampa for as low as $210 round trip

Home to the twisting coasters of Busch Gardens, the historic streets of Ybor, the wild exhibitions of the Lowry Park Zoo and the acclaimed Florida Aquarium, Tampa is a city that does plenty to live up to the Sunshine State's reputation for fun-loving, wholesome holidaying. For travelers out of New York this year, it's also a great arrival option, because nonstop flights with JetBlue Airways from JFK are currently selling at an attractive average of just $210 round trip!

3. Fly from New York to Fort Lauderdale for as low as $198 round trip

It's just 30 minutes down Interstate-95 from Fort Lauderdale to Miami and the happening strips that filter off from Espanola Way, which is great news for New Yorkers looking for a cheaper alternative to flying direct to Miami International. In fact, arrivals in Fort Lauderdale will cost passengers in the region of just $198 round trip this year, flying nonstop with Virgin America, while departures from JFK to MIA can cost in the region of $229. That's a welcome saving when excursions to the Everglades and party nights on South Beach are on the menu!

2. Fly from New York to Fort Myers for as low as $196 round trip

The self-proclaimed gateway to the Everglades National Park and the sunny beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, Fort Myers is the perfect entry point to the Sunshine State for any New Yorkers eager to case out the region's wealth of natural gems. What's more, with nonstop ticket prices to the Southwest Florida International Airport with JetBlue Airways coming in at just $196 round trip, the city figures as the second cheapest option overall for passengers departing out of JFK.

1. Fly from New York to Jacksonville for as low as $147 round trip

Topping our selection of the cheapest domestic departures from JFK to Florida are these bank-account-bolstering fares to the megacity of Jacksonville, which sits neatly perched on the northern edge of the Sunshine State, making it the perfect base point for explorations along the Atlantic Coast, or even into Georgia! Expect to pay in the region of $147 for round trip tickets, with the cheapest seats going on Delta Air Lines, or budget carrier JetBlue.

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