5 Flights from Chicago for Less Than $125

Chicago has plenty of options for cheap summertime flights to Florida, New Orleans, and beyond! Check them out.

Dara Continenza - Apr. 23, 2015

Hey, Chicago, you can add "cheapest flights ever" to the list of why your city is awesome. At Hopper, we found five flights you can take from Chicago O'Hare for less than $125. Start planning your getaway right this minute.

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Fly from Chicago to Fort Lauderdale from $116

The powdery beaches and exciting nightlife of Fort Lauderdale await. For just $116 round trip, you can hop a direct flight with Spirit from Chicago to Fort Lauderdale. United also run non-stops to this beachy Florida destination for about $40 more.

Fly from Chicago to Denver from $115

The Mile High City is one of the most searched-for destinations for summer 2015. So join the crowds and take a peek at these super-cheap flights from Chicago to Denver! Both Spirit and Frontier run these routes for less than $120 round trip.

Fly from Chicago to Dallas/Fort Worth from $95

Dallas is an incredibly cheap-to-reach city, with flights on Spirit going for less than $100 or on United for just a few bucks more. With summer flights so inexpensive, now is a great time to go -- just be sure to check out the cool Dallas Arboretum!

Fly from Chicago to New Orleans from $95

Prices to prime party destination New Orleans are super-low this summer on both Spirit and United! For just around $95 and in just over two hours, you could find yourself dancing on Bourbon Street or chowing down on a muffaletta. Imagine that.

Fly from Chicago to Houston from $88

May and the beginning of June are the cheapest time to visit Houston, when you can find tickets for $88 or less with Spirit! Later in the summer, prices nearly double, so you'll want to act fast and nab these cheap tickets soon.

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