5 Great Flights from Boston for Less Than $200

Boston locals, take note: There are unbelievably cheap flights to be found from Logan Airport this summer, starting at just $112 round trip!

Dara Continenza - Apr. 23, 2015

Planning your next great escape from Boston? With tons of cheap, fast flights available from Boston Logan International, you'll never be too far from your next vacation. Here are 5 great flights from Boston under $200 to get your planning started!

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Fly from Boston to Fort Lauderdale from $185

First on this list are these quick flights from Boston to Fort Lauderdale. Both Spirit and JetBlue run non-stops right to Fort Lauderdale's sugar-soft beaches and buzzing nightlife. Plan on spending just $185 per round-trip ticket!

Fly from Boston to Charlotte from $181

JetBlue offers non-stop flights from Boston to Charlotte starting at just $190, while Delta's Boston-to-Charlotte route includes one stop and is only $10 less. We say, pay for the convenience of a direct flight on this one!

Fly from Boston to Chicago from $144

Chicagoland is calling! For around $144 a pop, Bostonians can make their way to the Windy City's best attractions, from the Adler Planetarium to Wrigley Field. Spirit and United run the cheapest non-stop flights on this fast three-hour flight.

Fly from Boston to Washington D.C. from $141

Explore the nation's capital for less this summer, with flights from Boston to Washington D.C. going for around $141 round trip! Fly into Reagan National (DCA) on JetBlue's popular non-stop to save the most time and money.

Fly from Boston to Newark from $112

Here's a secret: Skip the long, uncomfortable bus ride to New York City and instead hop a quick flight to Newark with JetBlue or United! We've seen this route for as little as $112 this summer, so a fun-filled NYC weekend may be just the (cheap) thing.

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