5 Simple Tricks for Finding Cheap Flights to Dubai

Whether you're flying for business or pleasure, airfare to Dubai can add up quickly. So Hopper found you a few easy ways to save hundreds on your flight!

Dara Continenza - May. 4, 2015

The desert oasis of Dubai is a can't-miss cosmopolitan city, with glittering towers that all but scrape the sky. Whether you're flying for business or pleasure, flights to Dubai can add up quickly. (In fact, they're some of the most expensive in the world.) So Hopper found you a few easy ways to save hundreds of dollars on your flight to Dubai! Read on.

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Be Flexible with Dates

A bit of flexibility will always nab you the cheapest flights, and to long-haul destinations like Dubai, this is especially important. In fact, Hopper's research revealed that the best day to depart to and return from Dubai is Tuesday: You'll save $145 on average.

Embrace the Layover

Yes, that sweet Emirates non-stop is, in fact, sweet. Emirates is one of the top five airlines in the Middle East for a reason. But it doesn't come cheap: on average, flights from the States to Dubai on Emirates cost around $1,007. So if you're trying to save a bit of money, fliers can save up $300 by enduring a quick layover and flying with Delta, United, Swiss Air, or Air France instead.

Fly in September

Our data revealed that flights to Dubai are most expensive at the end of June and the beginning of July, when prices peak at $1,055 round trip on average. If you can wait until September, when prices drop to their lowest point, expect to pay just about $746 instead.

Fly from the East Coast … or Texas

Hopper's research revealed that Boston, New York City (LGA), and Newark all offered the cheapest flights to Dubai, coming in at $630 at their absolute lowest points. Next cheapest? Texas! Houston and Dallas both offer flights to Dubai that cost less than $700 round trip, offering a surprisingly cheap route to the Middle East. If your home airport reveals a much more expensive route, consider booking a cheap bus, train, or flight to one of these airports to save.

Check out some cheap flights below:

Set Up a Fare Alert

It's not easy to catch the cheapest flights at the right times: Prices seem to increase at random and you could easily miss out on the best deal. That's where the Hopper app comes in. Simply download the app and set up a fare alert from your home airport to Dubai. We'll watch that flight for you and notify you when prices change.

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