5 Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Florida

Want to plan a dream vacation to Florida? Check out these tips from Hopper first to save hundreds on your flight!

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

Whether you're heading for the soft sands of Clearwater on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico or the bustling, buzzing heart of Miami, where the fragrances of cigars and Cuban spices waft through the air, it's always nice to touch down in Florida with a little extra cash in the bank, don't you think?

Enter this list. At Hopper we analyzed billions of pieces of data to find you the best ways to fly to Florida, including which days are cheapest to fly and how to find the best-priced flights. Enjoy!

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1. The Best Day to Buy a Ticket to Florida Is Wednesday

What could possibly be better for combatting those midweek blues than planning a dream vacation? Saving money by booking your dream vacation on the right day, of course. Be sure to search for and book your flight to Florida on a Wednesday — when Hopper's statistics show that they are priced at their weekly average low.

2. Depart on a Tuesday and Return on a Wednesday

Want to save a quick $84? Then you may have to stay in Florida for longer than a weekend! Hopper's stats have shown that the cheapest day to depart for Florida is a Tuesday, while Wednesday is the cheapest day to return — saving as much as $35 and $49, respectively. And on the bright side, you won't have to deal with those annoying weekend airport crowds!

3. Frontier, Spirit, and JetBlue All Offer Non-Stop Flights for $200 or Less

No matter which particular arrival airport you have in mind, these U.S. budget carriers could knock some serious numbers of the total cost of your flights. In fact, on many of the popular routes available from airports across the United States, Frontier, Spirit and JetBlue all have seats selling for less than $200 round trip (and sometimes for much less during a fare sale). Not bad at all!

4. The Cheapest Month to Fly to Florida is May

Despite its soaring summertime temperatures and costly wintertime hotel rates, Florida draws huge crowds of vacationers throughout the year. However, by avoiding the November-to-March high season and the June-to-August school vacation periods, it's possible to bag some bargain airfare. In fact, Hopper's stats show that May is the best time of year to travel overall, when the average flight price is sitting at just $213.

5. Download the Hopper App and Set Up Fare Alerts

Of course, no matter how hard you try to beat the system by changing up your dates, booking times, airlines and so on, there's really no substitute for staying ahead of the game. Enter the Hopper app, which uses massive amounts of data to predict future prices, advises would-be passengers on when and where to book, and even offers real-time fare alerts! Download the app and set up a fare watch for your favorite Florida destination today.

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