Climbing Mount Hua on the World’s Scariest Climbing Trail

See dozens of photos of the world's craziest mountain climbing trail on Mount Hua in China, and find out what keeps travelers climbing it every year.

Dakota Smith - Jan. 27, 2015

Mount Hua, just west of Xi’an and its Terracotta Army in Shaanxi, is one of the five great mountains of China. And, if you know anything about China, you should know that China takes its sacred mountains seriously. Each year millions of Chinese travelers come to the slopes of Hua Shan on almost a pilgrimage of sorts that sees them climb to the Southern Temple Teahouse on its peak. But what makes the ascent of Mount Hua especially noteworthy is the trail: it’s freaking dangerous! Check out these photos, which will show you what we mean.

This is Mount Hua

The reward for everyone who makes it to its peak is this epic teahouse

The climb to its top begins with the Heavenly Stairs at the base of the mountain

Then the stairs get a little more intense

OK, so the stairs are a lot intense

Then the trail gets really interesting

Maybe crazy is a more appropriate word

Or terrifying

Yep, that’s the word

Although for some thrill-seekers the climb can be relaxing

And for others it can be a lot of fun

But on second thought, maybe just take the cable car?

See Mount Hua on the map:

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