Five Destinations in Florida under $400 Round Trip from Montreal this Fall

Use the Hopper Flight Explorer to discover 5 destinations in Florida that can be reached for under $400 round trip from Montreal.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

There was a time when Montrealers would simply sit tight through the fall — gloomily surveying the drooping boughs of the city’s trees, sighing as their leaves crisped and glowed red in the low lying sunsets and waiting uneasily for the snows to set in. Not so today. Armed with the mighty Montreal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport just a bus or cab away, and bolstered by the promise of late-season sun, they set off en masse for the south, where spots like the Florida Peninsula welcomes the exodus in a foray of rum cocktails, Caribbean warmth and hedonistic beach life.

If that’s got you thinking, then why not consider one of these wallet-friendly flights out of town, which represent some of the best deals for destinations in Florida this fall! We found these deals on flights using the Hopper Flight Explorer, which lets users search for flights to broad destinations like Florida or the Caribbean and not just to specific cities.

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5. Fly to Miami on US Airways for $355 round trip

Photo by VISIT FLORIDA/Flickr.

Miami, The Magic City; where between the brilliant sands of the Atlantic beaches and the wide, neon-lit boulevards of bubbling samba shacks, mojito bars and cosmopolitan party clubs, no one ever said a holiday was a bad idea. In fact, with Delta’s indirect route from Montreal-YUL to Miami International dropping to as little as $355 this fall, a holiday is surely nothing but a great idea! So, come and join the locals and dance the cha-cha with the Caribbean cruisers, college partiers and bubbling mix of other visitors in town, all enjoying the shoulder season’s relaxed vibe and low rates.

4. Fly to Fort Lauderdale for $350 on Air Canada

Photo by wallyg/Flickr.

Passengers from Montreal looking to kick back in this, one of Florida’s best-loved Atlantic beach cities, really do have the pick of the bunch this fall. It’s possible to fly direct with both Air Canada and WestJet, for around just $350 for late-September departures. Prospective travelers should not be put off by the tales the low-season Fort Lauderdale ghost town either — it’s nothing but a nonsensical myth cooked up by jealous Spring Breakers. In fact, there’s plenty of action here in the fall, you just have to know where to look.

3. Fly to Tampa for $325 round trip on Air Canada

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American Airlines are offering the cheapest flight connections to Tampa this fall, with prices hovering at around $325 for a round-trip ticket from the city’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International via Miami. After arriving in town, Montreal locals will have to place their penchant for hard-hitting hockey games firmly behind them though, because they’ll no doubt find Tampa in the throes of mid-season NFL madness—when everyone from the toddlers to the geriatrics will be cheering on the town’s Bay Buccaneers.

2. Fly to Fort Myers for $325 round trip on US Airways

Photo by Don Johnson 395/Flickr.

For the diehard beach hunters among us, Fort Myers is the perfect autumn getaway. It places visitors just a stone’s throw from the ivory white sand stretches of Naples to the south, and also within easy reach of Sarasota’s popular offshore islands to the north. While Air Canada may fly direct to Fort Myers from Montreal, the cheapest option for passengers this fall is unquestionably with either American Airlines, Delta, United or US Airways, all of whom field indirect routes to the city with return prices at around the $325 mark.

1. Fly to Orlando for $315 round trip on American

Photo by Tom.Bricker/Flickr.

Aside from the sprawling theme parks of Disney World and Universal Studios, the smaller amusement parks of Florida’s heart-pumping Gatorland and pious Holy Land, and the wealth of outlying attractions in spots like Kissimmee and the Gulf coast, Orlando also boasts a post-September autumn climate of hot (think mid-80s) and (relatively) dry days. With return fares on American’s indirect route through Chicago coming in at just $315, it’s hard to deny that it seems like the perfect wholesome getaway for families in Montreal this fall.

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