Five European Destinations under $775 Round Trip from Chicago This Fall

Discover five European destinations on sale from Chicago this fall for less than $775 round trip: Barcelona, Budapest and more.

Dakota Smith - Jan. 27, 2015

Chicagoans looking for a fall adventure need look no further, as tickets to five European destinations are currently on sale for less than $775 round trip. Whether it's an escape to the art museums and architecture of Barcelona or a thrilling adventure into some of Eastern Europe's most hidden tourist destinations, travelers should have no trouble finding a destination that piques their interest. So check out Hopper's collection of the five best deals to Europe from Chicago this fall, all of which were found using Hopper's new Flight Explorer tool.

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5. Fly to Barcelona, Spain, for as low as $775 round trip

Why not be the first to start ticking off that Spanish bucket list with a visit to the bubbling Catalonian city of Barcelona this year, where the Dadaist spires of Gaudi’s unfinished Sagrada Familia look down on multi-colored boulevards laden with fresh-cooked plates of mezze and tapas. In the day, head for the packed Mediterranean beachfronts of Sitges and Barceloneta, in the night, hit the strips around Ciutat Vella for one of the country’s most hedonistic party scenes, or wander the illuminated monuments of Eixample for an altogether uplifting experience.

Top three reasons to visit Barcelona:

  1. The Party: Surely no city in Spain can match the energy of Barcelona after dark, complete with the heady club scene along Las Ramblas, Raval and the city’s brooding Barrio Gotico.
  2. The Food: Between the bubbling pans of Spanish paella, the tapas plates of butiffara and Andalusian cheeses, and sumptuous seafood dishes straight from the Med, there are plenty of reasons why Barcelona’s chefs are among the most celebrated on the continent.
  3. La Sagrada Familia: Crowned by UNESCO and revered Europe over, this towering Catholic church in the heart of the city rises above all else around like a great colossus, representing the masterwork of Spain’s own Antoni Gaudi and one of the most iconic sights the country has to offer.

Flight is 18 hours and 50 minutes connecting on Turkish Airlines

Examples of itineraries from Chicago to Barcelona recently found:
-$775 round-trip on Turkish from Nov 18 to Nov 25
-$775 round-trip on Turkish from Nov 25 to Dec 2
-$775 round-trip on Turkish from Nov 26 to Dec 7
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4. Fly to Dublin, Ireland, for as low as $767 round trip

This fall is a great time to escape to Dublin, as Aer Lingus is offering non-stop flights for only $768. Just think about it, in practically no time you could be getting your drink on in one of Dublin's lively pubs or touring the Guinness Factory for a real treat. Otherwise, get out to explore some of Ireland's famed castles and charming country towns.

Top three reasons to visit Dublin:

  1. For a pint: Have a pint of Guinness in its ancestral home and mingle down at Temple Bar.
  2. To trace your roots: With a ton of North Americans having Irish ancestry, Dublin is a popular destination to trace one's roots.
  3. For the scenery: Rent a car and escape the city to explore the cliffs and fields of the Emerald Isle.

Flight is 8 hours and 30 minutes non-stop on Aer Lingus

Examples of itineraries from Chicago to Dublin recently found:
-$767 round-trip on Aer Lingus from Dec 13 to Dec 31
-$759 round-trip from Nov 19 to Nov 26
-$791 round-trip on Air Canada from Sep 28 to Oct 9
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3. Fly to Sofia, Bulgaria, for as low as $746 round trip

Whether you come to Sofia with a mind to wander amidst the onion-domed churches and leafy squares of its central districts or as a stopover before hitting the hedonistic and happening spots on the Black Sea Coast, this indirect autumn connection out of Boston’s Logan International Airport is a real bargain option. What’s more, with a notoriously short autumn season, guests arriving in the fall are like to enjoy either the city’s steamy Indian summers of September and October, or the snow-laden early winters of November, when the domes of the Alexander Nevski Cathedral descent under a blanket of icy white.

Top three reasons to visit Sofia:

  1. As a base to explore Bulgaria: Bulgaria is one of Europe's true hidden gems; a nation of mountains, ski slopes, charming villages and, even, Black Sea beach resorts.
  2. The culture: From onion-domed Orthodox churches and museums to the Sofia Opera and Ballet Company, the Bulgarian capital has plenty to interest the high-minded traveler.
  3. Because a little money goes a long way: Free from the crowds of other European destinations, Sofia is a budget traveler's dream come true. Beer and food are cheap, as is hotel accommodation and public transportation.

Flight is 12 hours and 40 minutes connecting on LOT

Examples of itineraries from Chicago to Sofia recently found:
-$746 round-trip on LOT from Oct 11 to Oct 28
-$746 round-trip on LOT from Oct 11 to Oct 31
-$746 round-trip on LOT from Oct 14 to Oct 31
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2. Fly to Copenhagen, Denmark, for as low as $733 round trip

At first glance the red-tiled roofs of Indre By — Copenhagen’s charming little medieval nucleus — are nothing if not cute and endearing. But pry a little deeper and this Scandinavian metropolis is sure to reveal its true colors in a whirlwind of hedonistic vodka-fueled nights, gossiping local coffee meets, avant-garde design, progressive jazz and laugh-out-loud comedy venues, not to mention some of the most intriguing architecture in all of Scandinavia, from the grand Amalienborg Palace, to the lookout tower of lofty Rundetarn. Excited yet?

Top three reasons to visit Copenhagen:

  1. Design: Upon arrival here it instantly becomes clear that the Danes are design mad. Bespoke buildings chiseled into Bauhaus cubism or neo-classical grandeur adorn every corner, while the sprawling exhibition centers of the Kunstindustrimuseet, the Danish Design Center and Meldahls Smedie do well to keep the age old tradition of style and sophistication alive.
  2. The Brunches: Brunch is big in Copenhagen and becomes nothing short of ritual during the summer months, when locals head out to devour succulent plates of smorrebrod sandwiches and smoked salmon to cure their hangovers from the night before.
  3. The House Parties: With drink prices notoriously high and the best clubs only finding their momentum in the early hours, Copenhagen locals have developed a penchant for the pre-drinking party, when friends gather to gurgle vodka and share stories before the night begins in earnest.

Flight is 17 hours and 40 minutes connecting on Turkish Airlines

Examples of itineraries from Chicago to Copenhagen recently found:
-$733 round-trip on Turkish from Oct 27 to Nov 6
-$733 round-trip on Turkish from Nov 7 to Nov 13
-$821 round-trip on United from Nov 4 to Nov 12
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1. Fly to Budapest, Hungary, for as low as $688 round trip

Split at the center by the meandering course of the mighty Danube River, this mysterious and enchanting city has made its home on the dual banks of Buda and Pest (hence the name) since Roman times. Today it’s one of Europe’s most action-packed metropolises, famed for its curious amalgamation of eastern and western styles, its fusion of grand Hapsburg architecture and post-communist tenement, its majestic Art Deco bathhouses, sprawling city parks and legendary all-night beer bars. Put simply, it’s one that’s not to be missed.

Top three reasons to visit Budapest:

  1. The Baths: Join the locals in one of the city’s many sulphuric bathhouses, which are fabled to contain some of Europe’s most medicinal waters; the perfect panacea for that lingering Hungarian beer hangover from the night before!
  2. The Bars: From pop-up parties in abandoned underground warehouses, to sprawling open air clubs on the banks of the Danube, there are good reasons why Budapest is so famed for its hedonistic character after dark.
  3. The Buildings: Yes the grand rises of the great Buda Castle are impressive, but then there’s also the city’s Dohany Street Synagogue, the neo-classical bath facades, the huge parliament buildings and the pollution-stained tenements left over from Russian rule.

Flight is 12 hours and 55 minutes connecting on Lufthansa

Examples of itineraries from Chicago to Budapest recently found:
-708 round-trip from Nov 7 to Nov 13
-$709 round-trip from Nov 5 to Nov 13
-$714 round-trip on Swiss from Nov 4 to Nov 12
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