Five Fantastic Father's Day Trips

All types of dads will enjoy these trips: sports dads, romantic dads, adrenaline junky dads, etc.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

With Father’s Day, the pressure is on to give dad the vacation of his dreams. But, with the typical presents all seen to in previous years, and the mundane golf club or fishing gear seeming, well, a little bit too mundane, there’s got to be something else that will capture dad’s imagination this year?

Imagine cruising down the Los Angeles strip towards one of America’s biggest theme parks, or unraveling the enthralling history of your dad’s favorite sport in the very spot it was first conceived. Imagine rocking out on a Hendrix guitar or pitching baseballs in the heart of central Ohio. Well, here are five fantastic father’s day trips for those who can, for those who think outside of the box or want to give dad an experience he will remember!

5. In the home of bat and ball at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York

Today the name Cooperstown is shrouded in national myth and legend as the supposed place where the game of baseball was first founded. And, while many doubt that the fabled Abner Doubleday was indeed the first man to swing a bat and make his pitch, today the town embraces its renown wholeheartedly as the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum. Here, fathers and children alike will be enthralled by the immersive, multimedia exhibitions, the definitive sporting timeline and a whole host of other baseball-related activities.

4. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio: Where legends are immortalized

Located on the Cleveland shores of Lake Erie, this honorific monument to the rock and roll gods of America and beyond, offers fathers and children alike one of the most immersive journeys through musical history on the continent. Over seven storeys of exhibition space, visitors are invited to wander from the early years of delta blues, through the experimental ages of bluegrass and soul and out into the years of electric rock. Current permanent exhibits take an in depth look at such totemic figures as The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and other world-changing artists from both abroad and the American Midwest.

3. Football fathers assemble at the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in Canton, Ohio!

In the early 1920s it was here, in the largely unvisited lands of east-central Ohio, that the great American National Football League was founded. Today, the city of Canton proudly presents the most comprehensive football-related exhibition and events centre on the continent, offering visitors a journey through the very highest echelons of America’s best-loved sport. Come and wander through the meandering corridors of bronze busts depicting football’s greatest players, or relive the most heart-wrenching moments of the last century in the sprawling NFL photo collection.

2. Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California, is perfect for adrenaline junky dads

Located just north of Los Angeles, one of America’s largest theme parks now boasts more coasters than any other on the continent. This makes it the perfect Father’s Day destination for dads who want to dare their kids into high-speed, adrenaline-churning pursuits, with rides like the discombobulating backwards Colossus, or the appropriately-named Apocalypse, which drops nearly 100 feet from top to bottom. There are also fun and safe kid’s coasters for younger travelers.

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1. Let romance take over at The Peninsula New York

What could be better than a night of high New York luxury on Dad’s Day? A rooftop cocktail bar, full spa facilities, sunning terraces, a fitness center, a stylish swimming pool and comfy king-sized beds await at the Peninsula Hotel offering a spot of romantic and luxurious quietude in the very heart of downtown Manhattan. Call the sitter and head to the center of extravagance.

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