Five Great Ways to Spend a Rainy Day in Los Angeles

It doesn't happen often, but visitors should still know where to go and what to do when a rainy day pours on their outdoor fun in Los Angeles.

Hopper Editors - Oct. 26, 2017

In a city known for its perfect weather, what are the chances visitors will encounter rain? Although it doesn’t happen often – the city is in the middle of a drought, after all– the rain gods do occasionally visit LA. With so much of the city’s offerings centering around being outside, it’s time to form a plan for a rainy Los Angeles day.

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5. The Writer’s Guild of America Library

The Writer’s Guild of America, or WGA as it’s known to its members, is a foundation dedicated to advancing and preserving the craft of writing for the screen. With over 16,000 TV scripts, 4,000 film scripts and an invaluable resource for books on writing for the entertainment industry, the WGA library is a fascinating place to get lost in the stacks. The Library hosts frequent events (tickets approximately $20, give or take) on topics like live podcasts and panels on everything from the Simpsons to superheroes to silent films. The WGA Library is free to the public and open 11am-5pm Monday through Friday and stays open until 8pm on Thursdays.

4. California Science Center

The west coast’s largest science center, the California Science Center in Exposition Park is most well-known for its most recent acquisition, the space shuttle Endeavor. The science center’s main love is clearly aeronautical travel and it sports an impressive collection of aircraft, manned spacecraft and robotic spacecraft in its permanent collection. The museum itself was established as early as 1951 with its recent wings designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry. The museum is free and open to the public although additional fees may apply to particular exhibits and the Science Center’s IMAX screenings.

3. Sky High Sports

Got some energy to burn but the rain’s put a kibosh on outdoor plans? Give in to it and literally bounce off the walls at Woodland Hill’s Sky High Sports. An airplane hangar sized facility with wall to wall trampolines on the floor and siding, Sky High is the place to bounce in Los Angeles. It’s rarely too crowded and Sky High’s welcoming atmosphere lends a spirit of fun and experimentation for all ages. Sky High offers birthday parties, a dodgeball leagues and "air-obics" classes. Walk ins are always welcomes and the price per jumper starts at $12 for the first hour and $6 for each hour after. On select nights after 7pm, Sky High’s lights go out and the disco ball drops for Midnight Cosmic Nights. Sky High is open 7 days a week.

2. Paint Lab

Adopting the motto "everyone can paint," Paint Lab is the grown up equivalent of the thrill of art class in school. A judgement-free space to explore your creativity and pick up some new skills, Paint Lab’s shining jewel is its walk-in policy. For a modest lab fee, you’ll have access to paint supplies, easels, brushes, cleanup materials and a studio space, guided by professional painters. Paint Lab is located in Venice and is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 7pm and 10am to 8pm on weekends. They offer a Sunday afternoon family special for a $50 flat fee for up to four family members.

1. Wi Spa

If the rain’s really got you down, maybe the best thing to do is sweat it all out in one of Los Angeles’s uniquely local Korean spas. (And if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, it’s a great way to sweat out all those toxins!) While Korean spas are plentiful in Los Angeles’s K-Town district and vary widely in price, facilities and cleanliness, Wi Spa is LA’s go-to 24-hour mega spa. For a modest entry fee, you’ll be given a t-shirt and khaki shorts (don’t worry, it’s equally unflattering on everyone) for the co-ed areas. Separated by gender, you’ll find the hot tubs and mineral soak pools. It’s a refreshingly nonjudgmental vibe at Wi Spa, although given the separation, it’s best to go with same sex friends. Wi Spa offers Korean cafeteria food, body scrubs, shiatsu massage and al fresco rooftop dining.

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