Five Reasons to Drop Everything and Travel to Cancun, Right Now!

See the top 5 reasons to spontaneously visit Cancun right now. Seriously.

Dakota Smith - Jan. 27, 2015

Everyone could use a little Cancun: Caribbean beaches, crazy nightlife and warm weather year round. So whether it's the middle of the week or a more appropriate time, like the end of the week, here are 5 reasons why you should drop everything and leave for Cancun right now!

5. All-Inclusive luxury

When it comes to top-end resorts, it’s all about the beaches – the legendary white sand, blue sea, blazing sun beaches of this sublime stretch of coast, which quite simply hosts some of the finest sun-lounging shoreline in the world. Whether you’re looking for kids entertainment, romantic seclusion or all-night bars, this collection of the five best all-inclusive resorts in and around Cancun will have precisely what you need, and a whole lot more. Families or those seeking a relaxing beach vacation can check out the JW Marriott, which is high-class all the way. Young visitors hoping to party, however, can check out the adjacent Hard Rock with its poolside DJs and party-like atmosphere.

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4. Because you can thanks to new spontaneous travel apps

It's never been easier to book last-minute travel thanks to a slew of new apps that cater specifically to spontaneous travelers. Hotel Tonight is a well known player in the industry and has an app that offers steep discounts on luxury hotels available the night of booking. Here at Hopper, we recently released an app called Flight Tonight, which is the first of its kind to cater to travelers booking flights at the last minute. Just open the app and enter your destination airport to see great deals on flights leaving tonight. Want to fly from New York to Cancun at the last-minute? With Flight Tonight that's no problem. You could literally book your flight on your way to the airport.

[This author recently used Flight Tonight to fly to Cancun at the last-minute, while blogging about the trip here on Hopper. Check it out.]

Users with iOS 7 or later devices can download the Flight Tonight app for free in the iTunes App Store right here.

3. Monumental history

Photo by Celso Flores/Flickr.

There are few destinations in the world where sunbathers can tan themselves so close to ancient ruins and beachcombers can wander in the shadow of looming temples two millennia old. Of all the ancient archaeological sites near to Cancun, it’s the sprawling complex of Chichen Itza – with its towering, terraced monoliths – and the smaller ruins at Tulum that form the historical exemplars. They are both popular day trips from the city, are well served by tour operators in town, and offer perhaps one of the most fascinating and complete glimpses of ancient Mayan architecture on the continent.

Chichen Itza is on Hopper's list of the five best day trips from Cancun, which also includes destinations like Tulum.

2. Hedonistic nightlife

Photo by Gаme of light/Flickr.

Between the leaning balneario bamboo bars, the chic cocktail spots, the multitude of luxurious resorts and the smattering of world-famous super clubs that pepper the Hotel Zone of Cancun, everyone from the tequila-shooting spring breaker to the Caribbean rum punch aficionado will find somewhere to while away their hours after dark here. For the most eye-popping show of the lot, travelers should be sure to head to the legendary Coco Bongo or the famous Dady'O, where laser parties and acrobatic shows dominate the nights.

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1. Epic beaches

Photo by BBQ Jim/Flickr.

No, the aforementioned photo wasn’t Photoshopped. No one tinkered with the lighting to add a little extra glimmer to the sands or turquoise sheen to the water, we promise – Cancun really does look like that; a patchwork of ivory beaches and sun-kissed sea that runs for more than 20 miles up the Yucatan coast, offering up some of the most paradisaical sights in all of Mexico along the way. On the city’s north side, the lively Playa Las Perlas and Playa Tortugas are great places to people watch and swim, while windsurfers and diehard sunbathers will love the more rugged conditions at Playa Delfines or Chac Mool.

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