Seven Tips to Find Cheap Flights to Orlando (MCO)

Follow these 7 tips from Hopper to find cheap flights to Orlando and you could save up to $300 per round-trip ticket!

Patrick Surry - Jan. 27, 2015

Orlando may be one of the happiest places on Earth with major theme-park attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld that bring out the kid in just about anyone. Plus, its average annual temperature of 72 degrees provides an ideal warm-weather escape during winter months for most other parts of the country. Of course, visiting the numerous attractions Orlando has to offer can add up quickly with tickets to Walt Disney Resort’s Magic Kingdom averaging about $100 a day per person. That means visitors need to save in other ways when planning a trip to this Florida destination. So here are seven tips that can help travelers find cheap flights to Orlando and save up to $303 on their round-trip tickets.

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1. The cheapest time to book a flight to Orlando is 25 days in advance, saving up to $200

Travelers planning a trip to Orlando may want to avoid making it a spontaneous event, as flights can be up to $200 cheaper if booked at least 25 days in advance. Prices increase dramatically if booked less than 10 days out, so even if you – or the kids – get the sudden urge to see Mickey Mouse, you may want to hold out for a couple extra weeks when ticket prices are more reasonable.

2. The cheapest day to fly to Orlando is on a Wednesday, saving up to $38

For those travelers looking to start the weekend early, Wednesday is the best day to take a trip to Orlando with airfare savings up to $38. Plus, it builds in several weekdays to the trip, which often guarantee shorter lines at theme parks. Sunday is the absolute worst day to depart, as it’s more expensive than any other day despite being the least popular time to begin a trip to Orlando.

3. Save up to $36 by returning on a Tuesday

Similarly, travelers willing to return home on a Tuesday can save up to $36 on their tickets. Friday is by far the worst day to return, as business travelers try to get home after a week of conferences. Orlando is, after all, the number one destination in the United States for corporate meetings.

4. The cheapest day to buy a flight to Orlando is on a Tuesday, saving up to $11

While others are spending Tuesday getting into their work-week groove, travelers that take a moment to book their ticket to Orlando can save up to $11 per ticket. While not a huge savings, spending 15 minutes to book a flight during your work week is definitely a minor hassle, so set your calendar reminders now.

5. The cheapest time to fly to Orlando is in August, saving up to $18

January and February tend to be the most popular months for travelers to visit Orlando, while August is less popular as other areas of the country are finally reaching their warm-temperature peaks. However, visitors who book a flight to Orlando in August can save up to $18, and it is the perfect time of year for an end-of-the summer trip with the kids. While temperatures can be in the 90s, the city’s vast amount of water rides and pools make it a great place to beat the heat.

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7. Take a look at Hopper’s Airline Fees Calculator to get the real cost of your ticket

Between the sandals, the sun cream and the Hawaiian shirts, there’s lots to pack for a jaunt to the sunny strips and theme park gardens of Orlando, which means many passengers will find themselves having to purchase checked baggage or extra carry-on this season. If you’re curious how much it’ll cost, or how much the airlines charge for their other additional services — from in-flight meals to increased leg room — be sure to check out the Hopper Airline Fees calculator, which offers a visual breakdown of all the costs involved in a ticket.

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