Find the Real Price of Flights, Fees and All, Using Hopper’s Airline Fee Calculator

Pick your extras – checked bag, seat selection, etc – and see the real cost of your flight by airline.

Patrick Surry - Jan. 27, 2015

It's not easy to compare airfares on different airlines. It seems straightforward: You see a bunch of flight options and choose the one with the right combination of price and schedule. Simple. But what if you want to check a bag, use the WiFi and enjoy some extra legroom? Now it's not so simple to make the price comparison between airlines, as each has a different set of fees for extras.

Hopper is here to help. Our new Airline Fee Calculator lets travelers enter their origin and destination, choose the extra features they want with their ticket and immediately see the extra cost of fees on their tickets. (Keep in mind that the ticket prices quoted are based on average aggregate airfare prices on the route.)

Hopper's Airline Fee Calculator

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Interactive Fees Calculator Can Reveal Your True Cost of Flying Hopper

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